The Point of no Return

Everyone would like to know how the future will be. Everyone has their own view of the world and tries to classify the events through their own insights.

There have been crises at all times in the history of mankind and at the moment there seems to be no end to them. What has happened that we as a civilization find ourselves in this phase, which brings enormous challenges both in politics, economics and social worldwide?

Are we living in the long prophesied apocalypse? By which thinking and acting, was this brought about? Is there a way out and what knowledge do we have about the coming scenarios?

Johann Nepomuk Maier succeeds with this documentation to build a bridge into the thinking processes of our species up to the intangible realms of being.
He painfully shows why each of us has contributed his part and which insights and events, after the apocalypse for a change of consciousness, in a new thinking, new feeling that will lead to a new action. He sets this sensational recognition in scene with powerful imagery.
A work for the eternity of being but above all for the hope of a different future.

  • Johann Nepomuk Maier
  • Johann Nepomuk Maier
  • Johann Nepomuk Maier
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  • Runtime:
    46 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 30, 2022
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    1,000 EUR
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    Digital FullHd
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Director Biography - Johann Nepomuk Maier

Vita Johann Nepomuk Maier
Johann Nepomuk Maier worked for over 20 years as an agency owner and marketing consultant for medium-sized companies.
Due to recurring paranormal experiences he decided about 10 years ago to dedicate himself exclusively to the research of borderline scientific topics. Thereby he drags the many worldwide occurring physical, pathological and psychological anomalies to the light of the public. His researches lead him around the world to renowned scientists and experts in various fields. Johann Nepomuk Maier is a networker, communicator and bridge builder between science, spirituality and public discourse.
So far he has written 9 books, hundreds of articles and made 30 documentaries on phenomena "beyond the tangible" - the augmented reality.
He demonstrates with his works that we are on the verge of a paradigm shift and we can slowly realize that our consciousness is immortal and embedded, in a holistic universe. In these further levels of reality and dimension interpenetrate countless non-human life forms and other intelligent entities.
His documentary "Illusion Death" became a Spiegel-orderer and his Gaia- broadcasts "Timeless-Talks, his interviews and his further broadcasts on" attract a lot of attention.
Johann Nepomuk Maier Wohnhaft grew up in Lower Bavaria. Here, the four seasons still strikingly shape the rhythm of life and the "most multifaceted" dialect in the world, encodes a creative way of thinking, which also sharpened the senses, for what is invisible "in between".
After my typesetter apprenticeship and a degree in business administration and several years as managing director of various marketing agencies, I started my own business. Marketing agencies, I became self-employed over 25 years ago and ran a marketing agency with a focus on consulting for strategic communication.
His goal is to bring the previously unknown to the light of day and to make the fantastic insights gained from these frontier areas, accessible to a wider audience.
Johann Nepomuk AMier is fascinated and impressed by the many events that take place in secret or outside of our normal common sense and that have so far hardly been given a
reasonable explanation in the classical theory of science.
Since his earliest youth I have been concerned with the findings of modern science. In the constant exchange with hundreds of scientists and sensitively gifted people, the border of the previously unknown is opened more and more and is illuminated more transparently.
The documented cases turn the materialistic world view completely upside down. That is also the reason why the mainstream science still resists so extremely these facts.
All these documented psychological, pathological and physical anomalies point to a holistic world view, which is populated by innumerable intelligences - whether with or without body - (we know him).
Hardly a day passes where I am not informed of a new unbelievable story or a phenomenal happening unknown to us. His research is far from over and in the coming years, Johann Nepomuk Maier will document countless more of these "impossible realities" in words and pictures.
We live in an incredibly complex, creative intelligence system where consciousness - whatever that is exactly - forms the basis of all being and we will enter into a more extensive dialogue with other entities in the future. A new epoch is visible on the horizon of evolution.

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Director Statement

The Point of no Return

The documentary "The Point of no Return" - turning point - was given to me, so to speak, by my spiritual team. A moment of connection to the higher intelligence of the universe, which revealed to me, I should create a documentary with the subject field of a perfect civilization and a status quo of mankind in its present state. This Doku is to be available free of charge to mankind. Both in German language and in English language. I immediately went to my PC and the text for the off-speaker came into me without having to change even one word of it. A few days later the documentary was ready.
I think it should hold up a mirror to people - not to judge - but to show them that now would be the right time to walk the coming path in love and that this earth, this system in which we live and incarnate is already a perfect and perfect civilization. There is nothing more to improve or change about it. A retreat into abstract living spaces turned away from nature only brings destruction and disharmonious behavior patterns into creation. We may engage in harmony and see nature not as an enemy, but as a network of cooperation and as one of the many adventure playgrounds. Created by higher beings who have created a learning environment of comprehension for the divine sparks to expand awareness of what perfection in humility means with each new incarnation. No rules and no guidelines are given. Everything is allowed but in the end each of us should be able to recognize this perfection as the pure love of being. We can learn in the many incarnations how this harmony and this perfect coordinated being of flora and fauna and the infinitely other forms of being in the intangible realms of intelligence express their life and only the loving change in the moment is the permanence of creation.

Johann Nepomuk Maier