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The Perfect Autistic

A young autistic boy, very intelligent and gifted in computers discovers a dangerous manipulation coming from a government concerning a file on humanity. He wants to reveal it to the world but he is chased by a secret section who does not hesitate to use the strong way to prevent it.
Marc is an 11 year old child like no other, he is autistic. He spends his time in his room surfing his computer. He suffers from loneliness, not making himself understood by others; at school, he has no friends and everyone he meets takes him for a living. His own adoring mother still considers him like a four-year-old child. However, Marc is a very intelligent boy, since he acts like a gifted hacker. Because of this, he likes to go into the settings of government computers and see what is going on there, without being spotted, and like a ghost, he navigates through their systems. He spies while having fun and stays informed of new projects that governments are putting in place. One day, while he was on one of their sites, he came across a document classified as "ultra confidential", a unit detached from a government was working on this file, which caught his attention; this file is part of "special projects". It was then that he made a most alarming discovery about a project called
"Humanitarian 622" ...

  • Sonia Nona
  • Sonia Nona
  • Sonia Nona
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  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    35 minutes 43 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 31, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    35 mm
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Sonia Nona

Sonia Nona dreamed of making cinema from a very young age. Born in Boulogne, she spent her childhood in a small town in the Yvelines until her 20s when she went to Paris. She started a long walk to make her first professional short film at 18 years old. The American chain AMC was looking for foreign spin-offs from their series "THE WALKING DEAD". Sonia wrote and edited for the most part alone, her project "THE HUNTING DEAD". Despite her intense efforts to participate in the call launched by the AMC chain, she failed to finalize it on time. With a limited budget, the participation of volunteers and thanks to her passion, the new director will go to the end of her film which will be screened in a movie theater, in preview.
Having obtained her screenwriting diploma, she co-wrote for other artists in order to make their own short film. One day, she finds at the bottom of her drawer, a story she had written long before "THE HUNTING DEAD" and which was close to her heart.
"The Perfect Autistic" is the story of an autistic child locked in his room who becomes a hacker and makes a dramatic discovery about the intentions of the highest placed in our world. The young director takes her script and rewrites it to finally realize it.
Sonia’s activity extends from scriptwriting, assistant director, director, editor of her own projects and sometimes those of others. She has made and edited a few clips and hopes one day to be able to work with producers and directors because Sonia has a thousand stories more fascinating than each other in her famous drawer ready to be.

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Director Statement

I wanted to look into the case of autistic children who have long been considered apart. During my teenage career, I met two who moved me enormously.
One of them, in my class, intrigued me: his general appearance did not show his peculiarity; however, I remember that he reproduced, day after day, the same approach to people and things in life obsessively. I have learned that autistic children can be much smarter than most of us, because they know how to fix themselves and concentrate until they have mastered the only subject that concerns them, without worrying about what is affecting them, surrounds, unlike most people whose attention is focused on a multiple environment.The other case upset me: he had very high autism and couldn't communicate; his only reactions could remain misunderstood; we could have associated it with a Down's syndrome handicap which was not however one. The child seemed lost in the midst of so-called "normal" people: I could feel his distress through his deep gaze that had captured my attention and my interest in his person. Many people feared him like the plague, as if he was going to contaminate them and avoided approaching him; I was very sad because he wanted only a little affection and attention. Sadly, the fate has gone on him, depriving him of a life filled with incomparable parental love.The child in my story is a pure invention based on the relationship between people with autism and the world around them. Marc is a young autistic who communicates with others with difficulty, thereby having peculiarities that make him an introverted being. Staying at home, his refuge, he discovers the world of the internet and quickly becomes accustomed to the difficulties that ordinary people can encounter. His memory is focused only on what interests him; therefore, he gradually becomes a true computer genius by ranking among the Hackers. Furthermore, I want to present his autism as an intelligence that many do not detect. My hero does not use his difference as a handicap but as an overcapacity. Autism is also an example among others because everyone has weaknesses. My theory on the subject is based on the strength that an autistic person can acquire through courage and determination. It is also a message of hope for those who do not believe it when everything is really possible.Furthermore, I also wanted to highlight the heroic side and not the victim of the situation. Children's films often depict handicapped little heroes who save the world. But in almost all of the films in which people with autism are the main characters, they are presented in such a way as to be supported or saved from a situation. In Marc’s case, no one helps him and he’s the only one who saves the world. This is another message of hope to value children - regardless of their disability - who could dream of being heroes without being considered "normal".