The Pastor and the Revolutionary

In late 1999, an Army Colonel commits suicide and leaves an inheritance to Juliana, a student activist, daughter to a maid at his house in the 1970s. With a sick grandmother, she has to decide whether she accepts an inheritance of a father who never acknowledged her. Among documents at her father’s house, Juliana finds the book “Memoirs of a guerrilla”. Reading it, she learns the story of Miguel, a student and former communist guerrilla, and Zaqueu, an evangelic Christian mistakenly arrested by the Brazilian dictatorship. In prison, both promise to survive and set a meeting for the turn of the century. In the midst of a whirl of emotions, connections and discoveries revealed by the book, compassed by symbolism, Juliana has to decide the role she will play in a story begun 30 years ago.

  • José Eduardo Belmonte
    "Carcereiros" (2017) ; "Entre Idas e Vindas" (2016) ; "Alemão" (2014) ; "Se Nada Mais der Certo" (2009)
  • Josefina Trotta
    "My Name is Baghdad" (2020), "La Vingança" (2017), "Darkness by Day" (2014)
  • Nilson Rodrigues da Fonseca
    "O Outro Lado do Paraíso" (2016) ; "Brasil Clássico Caipira" (2010), "Impressões do Brasil" (2011) e "Impressões do Mundo" (2016)
  • Johnny Massaro
    Key Cast
    "Divã" (2019) ; "O Filme da Minha Vida" (2017) ; "Todas as Razões para Esquecer" (2018)
  • César Mello
    Key Cast
    "A Glória e a Graça" (2017) ; "Bom Dia Verônica" (2020)
  • Julia Dalávia
    Key Cast
    "Até que a Sorte nos Separe" (2012) ; "Os Dias eram Assim" (2017) ; "Velho Chico" (2016)
  • Gabriela Correa
    Key Cast
    "Campus Santo" (2019) ; "Ainda temos a Imensidão da Noite" (2019)
  • Ana Hartmann
    Key Cast
    "Reality Z" (2020) ; "Onde Nascem os Fortes" (2018) ; "Me Chama de Bruna" (2018)
  • William Costa
    Key Cast
    "Meu nome é Bagdah" (2020)
  • Cássia Kis
    Key Cast
    "Bicho de Sete Cabeças" (2000) ; "Chega de Saudade" 2007 ; "Billi Pig" (2012)
  • Sergio Mamberti
    Key Cast
    "O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo" (2007) ; "3%" (2016) ; "O Profeta" (2007)
  • Antonio Grassi
    Key Cast
    "Carandiru" (2003) ; "Chamas da Vida" 2008 ; "Sonhos Tropicais" 2001
  • Ricardo Gelli
    Key Cast
    "A Percepção do Medo" (2016) ; "10 Segundos para Vencer" (2018) ; "A Pedra da Serpente" (2018)
  • Buda Lira
    Key Cast
    "Aquarius" (2016) ; "Bacurau" (2019)
  • Mercado Filmes
    Production Company
    "O Outro Lado do Paraíso" (2016)
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 57 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 1, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    1,050,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - José Eduardo Belmonte

José Eduardo Belmonte is one of the most active directors of Brazilian audiovisual industry. In more than two decades of professional activity, he directed main Brazilian and Latin American actors in dozens of critically acclaimed films and TV series. He has eight feature films and three more in post-production. Belmonte won the fiction competition of the Rio de Janeiro Festival 2008 and the Paris Brazilian Film Festival with the drama “Se nada mais der certo”, which also earned Caroline Abras the best actress award at both festivals and Cauã Reymond the best actor award at festivals in Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto. Filmmaker's biggest box office and one of Belmonte’s partnerships with RT Features (“Call me by your name”), “Alemão” drew over one million viewers in theaters in 2014. Adapted three years later for television, earned an Emmy nomination. Blockbuster sequel, also produced by Rodrigo Teixeira, is set to debut on screen in 2020. On television, José Eduardo Belmonte also built a successful career. Among the main achievements is the artistic direction of the “Carcereiros” series, one of the biggest audience hits of recent times in Rede Globo. The only Latin American selected in 2017 for the Cannes MIPDrama Screenings (one of the world's leading television fairs), first episode of Season 1 of “Carcereiros” won the Grand Jury competition, an unprecedented achievement for Brazilian audiovisual. Belmonte also directed episodes of HBO Latin America’s "El Hipnotizador"series, starring Leonardo Sbaraglia (“Dolor y Gloria”) and featuring actors as Cesar Troncoso, Chino Darín and Bianca Comparato. He currently directs the first season of the drama series “As Five”, produced by Globoplay, set in São Paulo. Born in 1970 in São José dos Campos (SP) and based in Rio de Janeiro, José Eduardo Belmonte has a degree in cinema from the University of Brasilia and began his career as an assistant director for Nelson Pereira dos Santos, one of the biggest names in the history of 20th century Brazilian cinema.

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Director Statement

“A particular history is enriched enormously and necessarily, when it is set against the backdrop of a major historical event.”


Understanding the crisis, in the broadest sense of the word, that took place in Brazil was one of the reasons that made me want to tell the story of “O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro”. (The Pastor and the Revolutionary)
When did our contradictions become irreconcilable and the cliff was wide open?

The fact that it was a real story seemed to me even more interesting to address issues in transformation at the end of the last century: the eagerness to include a new middle class for entrepreneurship, the conflict between another leftist thought, different from the 1960s, more pragmatic and more focused on other themes, the dilemmas of how to deal with the cursed legacies of the Brazilian reality (slavery, various dictatorships, the abyss between social classes) the change from the secular Protestant religion to a new type, more cathartic and theatricalized.