The Panties Collector

The panties collector is a story that revolves around two very good and very different friends. Gabi and Mateo, both about 25 years old, are preparing to spend a whole night with two beautiful girls, Madi and Ela. We see all four, we read them, we feel them engaged in this story full of fragrant and diverse ingredients, in spiritual and beautiful dialogues with sharp and humorous replicas.
Mateo is casual, sympathetic, a caretaker and with a book long enough to get on with his life, but not enough to make him realize that he has to detach himself from the narrow mindset and thinking of the 19th century. Mateo has a small discussion - let's call it "philosophical" - with Gabi, where he explains that he as a man feels threatened by the woman wearing trousers, and who, as such, labels her as aggressive. He also draws a conclusion, saying that all the blame for this aspect is Coco Chanel wearing since she put her pants on the woman. Under this strongly masculine influence is his relationship with Madi. Madi is a weak and credulous being, which is easily manipulated and dominated by her powerful lover.
Instead, Gabi is smart, shy, introverted and educated enough to make Mateo understand, giving her simple and logical replies, that the times have changed and the woman has evolved. However, Gabi, despite the small secret that would lead us to a vast experience of life, hardly manages to adapt to these changes and because of this he has a behavior almost always left-handed. Proof is the scene where he does not know how to handle the situation with the puppy lady or the encounter with Ela, the beautiful and powerful girl who manages to dominate and intimidate him.
The world of the two boys is shaken when he meets Madi's friend, Ela, who just came from Spain on a small vacation in Romania. Ela is a smart, beautiful and independent girl. At the risk of causing a small conflict, voluntarily, she persuades Madi to come to Spain to work and have her money. But in order to do that, Madi knows she has to face Mateo. So, after succeeding in the junction of all the forces in her slender body, with soft and proud pride, she directly and coldly conveys to her friend that she wants to be an independent, modern woman and that she does not want to reckon with anyone when, where and with whom she fucks. After this lesson of feminist courage, we see an angry Mateo, but also jealous and uncertain when he realizes that he may lose Madi if, in one way or another, he does not change his attitude and does not adapt to her needs.
In the end, more or less, Ela manages to change the characters. The relationship between Madi and Mateo apparently undergoes a transformation, Ela also brings Gabi to his feet on the ground and makes him understand that quantity does not mean quality, and last but not least, Ela understands that she is living a better night. intense with a special person, than a nightmare life with an annoying person.

  • Paul Rusen
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    Colectionarul de chiloti
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Paul Rusen

Paul Rusen is a screenwriter based in Constanta, Romania. He works as a DTP specialist in a company. The passion for screenwriting was discovered in 2016. Initially, it all started as a hobby, but when the first screenplay was sent and selected to a short screenwriting contest, Paul thought of this passion for the first time as serious as a job. The most appreciated and awarded screenplay is the short story script "Eucharist", finalist at The Script Contest in 2019 and winner of Best Debut Short Screenplay at Walachia International Film Festival, 2019. The greatest wish is that one day one of the short screenplays to see the light of the camera.

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