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The Outfits

SOHAG (21) fallout from college, shifted to Dhaka from village to work with his brother SHOJIB (34) in a laundry shop owned by SHOJIB. SHOJIB planned to start digital banking along with laundry business. Shojib was happy as SOHAG can look after laundry works.

SOHAG learned calendering and other rellevant work of the laundry shop. SHOJIB engaged himself with digital banking for extra income as soon as SOHAG matured for laundry works.

One day, some lavish outfits of unknown girl came to SOHAG’s attention! He became crazy and obsessed with those clothes.

He was used to live with his brother,s family inside a small room a kitchen an attached washroom. Those clothes forced SOHAG to live inside the laundry shop.

His heavenly journey started then! Sohag used to spend time with those clothes and started to live within a fantasy. His dilemma tends to think himself as a lover of those clothes and confused about the girl who belonging those clothes, however his imagination always protrait different shape of her. Sometimes it scary, sometime it joyous. The laundry shop was his stage for performing the show. Each night SOHAG disappear anonymously and different ambient created with his imagination.

Confused SOHAG started to send her different gifts insde those ironed outfits. He din’t know if she received those or not. He started to travel imaginary heavenful world with her.

The girl NOOR JAHAN (16) studying in local Madrasha and daughter of Khatib BELAL (53). BELAL is looking after Noor Moszid. NOOR JAHAN is truely a beauty and love to live inside her own world. Under her Burqa she used to wear lavish dresses with higher price perfumes sent by his uncle from Dubai. She loved to dance and her family didn’t know it.

In the meantime sister in law of SOHAG try to convince him to attach wirh SUMI(19). SUMI working in Voyeger Apparel as a garment worker and former co-worker of SHEELA(26). SHEELA left her job and looking after their new born son Kobir(1).
JAVED (25) head of garment gang charmed by SUMI & tried long time to convince her as his girlfriend.

Weird behaviour of SOHAG attracted everones attention and his siblings thought he should get a girl. They used SUMI to get him cool but SOHAG didn‘t convince by her. Instead of convincing she discovered weird and pshycic nature of SOHAG.

SOHAG felt that he need to meet NOOR JAHAN. NOOR JAHAN also started to reply within the clothes. SOHAG got her affection and intimate time together after a long struggle. NOOR JAHAN was convinced to have emotional attachment with him.

But SOHAG somehow couldn’t make it. He came out from that specific situation and thought that it won’t be legal.

SHOJIB & SHEELA came to know about the weird behaviour of SOHAG and shocked to know that SOHAG is homosexual. He have no ability to satisfy a girl. SHOJIB also didn’t want any trouble, BELAL have strong hold in society. If the matter revealed they could’ve abandoned from this area.

SHOJIB shared this bitter truth with SOHAG. Heartbroken and confused SOHAG started to live a shattered life. After 2 weeks when he was laying on a waiting bench of Tongi rail-station lecture of a herbal drug hawker seeks his attention. Eventually SOHAG came to know he is not homosexual. He became angry and return back to his laundry shop. It was midnight and SOHAG entered their shop fetched a outfit of NOOR JAHAN which he stashed inside a secret chamber. SOHAG took permission from NOOR JAHAN for those clothes.

Soon SOHAG wear those outfits and started to play within his own world.

SOHAG realised with her outfits he feel joyous always. SOHAG again entered his imaginary world.

Next morning SHOJIB opened the shutter of the shop and found SOHAG wearing ladies outfits. SOHAG woke up and attacked SHOJIB. SOHAG had no senses that he was wearing those outfits. Crowded people thought that SOHAG became mad. Lost SOHAG came out from the shop and everyone laughed at him as SOHAG gone totally mad. SOHAG reached the house of NOOR JAHAN and the security guard started playing with him weirdly as SOHAG is homosexual.

  • Md. Habibullah Shamsuddin
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    Bengali, English
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Writer Biography - Md. Habibullah Shamsuddin

1987, Mr.Habibullah Shamsuddin born in a rural area of Bangladesh where very limited source of modern touches, however he got an enormous ambient and nature to grew himself up within it.
Worked with BBC world service trust as script supervisor. Chief assistant director for local Dramas. Finished 2 of his novels lately. His development for different projects ongoing.

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