The Other Side Of The White Line

Queer drug dealers kidnap their clients daughter from her abusive household in hopes to show her the meaning of freedom, family, and love on the road.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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  • Senior Writing Award Nominee
    Boston, MA
    April 1, 2019
Writer Biography

Milan Sachs is a fiction writer who captures addiction, queerness, and family, through memory. She/Them writes with vulnerability, by capturing the rawness of who we are when no ones looking.

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Writer Statement

The Other Side of the White Line began as a small group of poems I wrote toward the end of my active addiction. A few months after starting the poetry collection, I left Boston for a rehabilitation center in Florida. I had been drinking and using drugs for seven years, and I was exhausted, scared, sick, and fading into the effects of addiction. In those seven years, although friends and family told me at times, I was unaware of my problem.

In the two months I spent in rehab, I wrote several poems. I was humbled that I could relate to alcoholics, heroin users, and meth addicts, of all different ages, races, and economic backgrounds. I was grateful to face my addictions honestly with these women, and understand my relationship to drugs and alcohol with education, bravery, and care. After I was released from rehab in August 2018, I worked for months and compiled the poetry series into my senior creative writing thesis. My thesis was nominated for the senior writing award.

After graduating college, I compiled my poetry thesis into a short script. For three years, I wrote and rewrote the script, until I found myself ready to create a team and share my ideas with friends and family. I am almost done with pre-production and looking for funding to turn my script into my first short film.

When the film is completed, I am submitting the final version to film festivals and competitions, to continue awareness about addiction today. Eventually, I want to raise enough money from the completed film and sponsor an individual to receive help at the rehabilitation center I attended.

I have remained sober for the past three years and know I will continue this journey for the rest of my life. I am here to share my personal experiences of addiction, queerness, family, and love, and my guess as to what life would be like if I continued to use.