The Opposite Building

A writer who had lost his inspiration moved into a small rental house, only to find two binoculars left by his previous tenant in the toolbox while packing up. Curiosity prompted him to look around with the binoculars, and suddenly he found two pairs of partners who were cheating on each other in the villa across from him. Among the two partners, the well dressed one was the owner of the house, while the plain dressed one was an ordinary couple invited to have fun.
The author used this as a material to write a novel, which became a hot topic. He used a telescope to peep at the situation across the street every day, and the click through volume reached a new high. After a dinner party on the opposite floor, the window was pulled up and remained tightly closed ever since. The author couldn't cope with the editor's urging, fantasizing about the plot of young men and women being killed and hiding in the freezer.
After the window of the opposite building was opened, the author discovered that a freezer had indeed appeared on the opposite building, and the previous young couple had also disappeared. He decided to disguise himself as a gas worker to investigate the situation across from him.
The writer came to the opposite building and was received by the male host. He looked at the blood stains on the freezer and fantasized about the previous murder case, but he heard the laughter of three people in the next room and the chicken and fish heads in the trash can. He understood that all of this was just too much thought.
After he returned home, he wrote that all of this was his misunderstanding. At this moment, his thoughts were once again blocked. He picked up the telescope and found that the young couple on the opposite floor were no longer the same as before, while the new couple was playing with the telescope he had left in the toolbox across from him. He realized that his previous couple had really been killed, and he started writing a novel again. Just as he was about to submit, there was a knock on the door. He went to open the door, but a hand with a toolbox leaked out of the door. He understood the story of the previous tenant.

  • Xinyu Wang
  • Xuan Cheng
  • Yuying Deng
  • Brian Wong
    Key Cast
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    Feature, Short
  • Runtime:
    21 minutes 25 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Xinyu Wang