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The Non-Sex Life of Piper and Matt

Two devoted Mormon divorcées fall madly in love.

However, family baggage makes it obvious that they shouldn't get married—or therefore have sex—for an undetermined amount of time.

Will they be overcome by their super hot chemistry?

Or can they stand by their convictions?

  • Corinne Louise Beenfield
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    United States
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  • 2023 Wine, Women, Film Festival
    Finalist in Feature Screenplay
  • National Indie Excellence Awards

    Finalist in Women's Fiction
Writer Biography - Corinne Louise Beenfield

Corinne Beenfield loves writing, which considering that you are reading this, makes quite a bit of sense.

She shares her home near the mountains with her three sons and daughter. She enjoys finding a random dirt path they've never been down, then stopping at some splotch of earth to explore with her children.

She predominately writes women's fiction, often with a magical element. However, her most recent project, The Non-Sex Life of Piper and Matt, was inspired when her and her fiancé realized how many details of their relationship were perfectly normal in their culture but would be completely bizarre and hilarious to anyone else. Though a work of fiction, it brings a voice to people in similar minorities.

You can learn more about her at:

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Writer Statement

Thank you for considering this screenplay! It can be seen as the Mormon "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" meets "Dan In Real Life".

This is my 7th major writing endeavor, and of my previous work here are some things readers have said:

“I knew as soon as I started reading that I wouldn’t be able to put this book down. That was yesterday. I was so sucked in. The words are so rich, alive on the page and so sharp you can feel them. I loved this heartwarming, and heartbreaking story.” Amazon Customer

“It had my heart racing and my stomach clenching with anxiety. Then the end was written so beautifully and demonstrated the writer’s gift with thought and word. I will read anything she writes.” Lola Copeland, Goodreads Reviewer

“This book will suck you in and not let you go until a tear falls down your cheek at the last page. I loved every moment of it and definitely recommend reading it. You'll fall in love with the characters, hold your breath during the climax, and have your heart burst wide open at the ending. A fantastic uplifting read!” Melissa W., Amazon Reviewer