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The Time I Went to Jail

A woman on her way to work has a medical emergency while driving. The police are called to the scene for a minor fender bender, which leeds to traumatic 11 hour lock up in the county jail for an assumed OWI. It is there she forms an unlikely bond with her cell mate and learns first hand about the atrocities abused, poor, and mentally strained women face in America's judicial system. It is a snapshot of the reality of everyday life for many people, and a new way of experiencing the police's lack of training. This film questions what it means to be a victim, and, by constantly switching the main characters' race between black and white, it attempts to ask these questions without the bias of race.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Dr. A.M. Donnelly (writing under A.M. Chester) is a Full Professor of Media at Ball State University. They are the author of Renegade Hero or Faux Rogue: The Secret Traditionalism of Television Bad Boys (2014), Subverting Mainstream Narratives in the Reagan Era: Giving Power to the People (2017), and co-author of Michael Mann’s Manhunter (2021). They have published numerous articles and given a variety of presentations around the country. A media theorist, their work is based in cultural and critical theory and focuses on contemporary American popular culture, primarily in regards to gender, sexuality, capitalism, and socio-political criticism. They are working on a fictional portfolio of shorts at the moment as well as a feature documentary on safe spaces.

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