The Next Time

And how you like to scratch it off till the bottom of her soul,
until she is drilling herself down,
so down that she went invisible now.

The manly man in you has taken over this world,
you thought it's better this way
now nobody could ever touch or raise their eyes in your sway.

You want to roam in liberty,
in the middle of roads of big cars just astray.
But the sun has risen to its full height,
stretching out to the longest path today.

The silver ropes that I've been tied with,
are freed from my hands and my mind
I've jotted down everything and everyone,
who needs to be left out the next time.

Let me see my legs walking freely
over your pride of nothing just void,
The girl who was cold watching your
drunk eyes now see them in every boy.
The golden lies from your mouth
will always make me ruin my time & my mind
but I've jotted down everything and everyone
who needs to be left out the next time.

  • Isha Goel
  • Isha Goel
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    Lyrics Only
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    May 16, 2023
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Artist Biography

Isha Goel, 23, hails from the state Haryana, in India. Travelled to at least 100 cities, Isha as a teenager came across hearing the best english songs trending at that time, which her elder brother used to download in his PC .
She found her voice in songwriting, at the age of 19, the day she realized she was having a quarrel with her own thoughts. From writing songs under wintery sun in her college ground and sometimes alone at night in her bedroom, Isha always found her surroundings and her personal experiences as her motivation to write. Now she stands bold enough to echo those writings to each and everyone of those who really unite their stories with her.

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