The New Global Threat

Suppose we do reverse climate chaos, and at the same time save the oceans, rebuild the soil, and even clean up chemical and plastic pollution. We would still be ignoring at least one existential threat that could undermine all that success. And no one is talking about it.

Instead of passing on to our children and grandchildren a planet teaming with natural species derived from the billions of years of evolution, we would foist on them an ecosystem where the DNA of countless organisms has been forever corrupted using a technology whose number one most common outcome is surprise side effects.

This short video, designed to be seen and shared by many, raises awareness around the quiet “gene rush” taking place that could re-engineer entire ecosystems and corrupt nature’s gene pool. Unless we make a stand now.

We envision environmental groups of all types adding this existential threat to their existing concerns and campaigns. In fact, this may be the only way we can protect nature from this irreversible threat. That is why we propose that the 3-minute film be shown at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. We want to curate a discussion that will propel this issue around the world to those who are most dedicated to nature and planet preservation. The 3-minute piece is not designed as a standalone. It is meant to start the conversation that will ultimately save the planet.

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Secret Ingredients; Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives, Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals; Your Milk on Drugs--Just Say No!
  • Jeffrey Smith
    Secret Ingredients; Genetic Roulette; Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals; Your Milk on Drugs--Just Say No!
  • Jeffrey Smith
    Secret Ingredients; Genetic Roulette; Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals; Your Milk on Drugs--Just Say No!
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    Animation, Short, Web / New Media, Other
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    3 minutes 11 seconds
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    September 19, 2019
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    6,000 USD
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    United States
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    United States
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Director Biography - Jeffrey Smith

The leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices, Jeffrey Smith was named the 2017 “Person of the Year” by Masters of Health Magazine. For more than two decades, his research has exposed how biotech companies mislead policy makers and the public, and put the health of society and environment at risk.

Mr. Smith’s feature-length documentary Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives was awarded the 2012 Movie of the Year (Solari Report) and the Transformational Film of the Year (AwareGuide). Seen by millions world-wide, the film links genetically engineered food to toxic and allergic reactions, infertility, digestive disorders, and numerous other problems that have been on the rise in the US population since genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced.

In 2018, he and Amy Hart released Secret Ingredients, a documentary that highlights numerous individuals and families that healed from serious conditions after switching to an organic diet.

Mr. Smith’s books include: Seeds of Deception, the world’s bestseller on GMOs; and Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. They expertly demonstrate why the safety assessments by the FDA and regulators worldwide are based on outdated science and false assumptions, and why genetically engineered foods must urgently become our top food safety priority.

Mr. Smith has lectured in 45 countries, counseled leaders from every continent, and has been quoted by thousands of news outlets including: The New York Times, Washington Post, The Times (London), Associated Press, Reuters, LA Times, and Time Magazine. He regularly appears on influential radio and television programs, including the BBC, NPR, Fox News, Democracy Now, The Doctors, and the Dr. Oz Show.

He is the founding executive director of The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), a leading source of GMO health risk information for consumers, policy makers, and healthcare professionals. IRT’s educational programs are driving the tipping point of consumer rejection against GMOs, which is already starting to push genetically engineered ingredients out of the market in the US.

Mr. Smith resides in California, as well as Iowa— surrounded by genetically modified soybeans and corn.

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Director Statement

The tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs is underway, where food companies are removing genetically engineered ingredients to protect their market share. There is a vast new threat, however, that consumer choices alone cannot protect us from. The biotech industry is poised to introduce thousands upon thousands of new GMOs, using new techniques of gene-editing. New evidence verifies that it carries the same dangerous side effects. Also like earlier GMOs, they can persist forever in the gene pool. The responsibility of those who understand that threat is to step up and protect the nature of nature. Otherwise, we may pass onto future generations a corrupted gene pool that can never be righted. This film is designed to be just long enough to convey the threat, and short enough to be watched and shared around the world. It is meant to inspire action and inquiry, so we can together take the steps needed to protect our precious planet.