The Nephilim

A Nephilim's unfortunate destiny to save the world. Sam attempts to live a "normal" life until a guy, Lucas, blows into town searching for a Nephilim. Because of the fear of extinction, he needs Sam's help with ending the war between Angels and Demons. Sam refuses but is forced to join forces when her family and friends' lives are in danger. Together, they managed to take down a Demon organization known as The Devil's Deeds. Knowing this battle is only the beginning, in the end Sam realizes that she has a destiny to fulfill, but she won't go down without finishing high school at least.

  • Jennifer Brianna Bean
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    Fantasy, Action
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Jennifer Brianna Bean

I've been writing since I was in 2nd grade. It is my passion to become a writer. I've achieved my Bachelor's Degree in English at St. Lawrence University in 2019. My work has varied over the years from stories (long and short), poetry, playwriting, and screenwriting.

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Writer Statement

My work is always inspired movies and tv shows that I love surrounding the genres of the supernatural, fantasy, and action. My targeted audience is people who are very familiar with these genres and would be to understand references I make throughout my work.