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The Mysterious Embrace

"The Mysterious Embrace", a podcast series based on the book "Mixed Souls" written by Er Haider Khan. In this episode, we explore the story of a young man named Khan who stumbles upon a forgotten street and encounters a mysterious woman.As Khan talks with the woman, he becomes enamored by her beauty and the hold she has over him. However, things take a strange turn when the woman begins to cry and then disappears into thin air. Left with more questions than answers, Khan sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind the mysterious encounter.Through his search, Khan discovers that the woman was an angel seeking help for centuries, cursed to wander the earth until someone solved the mystery of her death and helped her find peace. Khan was finally able to solve the mystery and lay the angel to rest, but the experience had a profound impact on him.Despite solving the mystery, Khan finds himself captivated by the memory of the mysterious woman and unable to let go of his infatuation. He repeatedly visits the place where he first encountered her, hoping to find her once again.The story of "The Mysterious Embrace" is a haunting tale of love and loss, with a touch of mystery and supernatural elements. It's a story that lingers in the mind long after it's been read, leaving readers to ponder the mysteries of the human heart.Join us next time for another episode of "The Mysterious Embrace", where we'll explore more stories from the book "Mixed Souls" by Er Haider Khan.

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    April 4, 2023
    Best Author ABC poems
Writer Biography - Er. haider Khan

Er Haider Khan, whose real name is Mohammad Shafi Khan, is a Kashmiri author and engineer known for his heartfelt writing and insightful observations. He was born and raised in a modest family and attended a government school. Khan's passion for education led him to crack an entrance exam and earn a degree in computer engineering from Gujarat Technological University. He began writing articles and poems based on his real-life experiences and observations. Khan's debut book, "Mixed Souls," is a collection of heartfelt poems, and his second book, "Ayesha from Innocence to Resilience," is a novel that pays tribute to the resilience of women in Kashmir. Khan is known for his emotional depth and powerful storytelling. He is inspired by his father and mentor, Shahnawaz sir, and dedicates his books to his father's happiness. Khan is 23 years old and has two brothers, Imad Khan and Farhan Khan.

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As an accomplished author and engineer, Er Haider Khan, also known as Mohammad Shafi Khan, has successfully completed projects that have garnered widespread attention, including "The Mysterious Embrace." This project showcases Khan's exceptional storytelling abilities and his unique perspective on the intricacies of human emotions. Through his engaging writing style and thought-provoking insights, Khan captivates readers and leaves them intrigued by the enigmatic embrace. His exceptional ability to create immersive narratives and evoke deep emotions through his work makes "The Mysterious Embrace" a standout project in Khan's illustrious career as a talented author and engineer.