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The Monkey god

The story depicts a connection between The Devine and mortals. The connection is Love; which is ever present in everything we do, eat and create, and because of this connection, we feel life worth living. However, sometimes our vices takes over, we become selfish & greedy & envious in our indulgences'. We lose control of ourselves and impose control on others. The more we encourage this way of being, the more we lose the eternal bond with nature of everything. And with the rise of an ego. We lose the balance, thus disturbing the flow of life & harmony in nature. As a result, eternal life becomes inevitable death, but only to ourselves, as the universe keeps blooming and energy keeps circulating.

  • Nishant Bahukhandi
  • Nishant Bahukhandi
  • Nishant Bahukhandi
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    7 minutes
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Director Biography - Nishant Bahukhandi

Nishant Bahukhandi (born December 16, 1987)is an Indian Director, Animator, writer and composer. Currently, creating children animated stories for his your tube channel and Startup 'Sugartales'. Apart from YouTube channels, his professional work includes: The Soup(2013, animated short film), and Yellow (2015, animated short film) which he wrote, animated, edited and composed music for. Both the Shorts earned him Best Short film, Best Animated short filming in numerous national film festivals, and recognition internationally. At present, he is working on his third animated short film "The Monkey God", it's about a connection between a primordial and perishable life.

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Director Statement

I Will be the one directing and animating this Short film. I will try to keep it under 7 min or less. Unlike my other 2 shorts (which were fairy design experiments and a learning curves in story telling) This one is an execution/exploration of an idea which came as a curiosity and a question ; What really makes us do anything ? Why we form a bond with anything? And how our virtues turn to vices? I found it amusing to show it through a careless monkey and some ants... Who are unaware of each other's presence but still share a bond in life.