The Monarch Film Festival is produced and hosted by the Exeter Union High School Graphic Arts, Media and Entertainment pathway students. It is meant to strongly encourage project-based learning and meaningful student work in media and multimedia in order to acknowledge and reward successful classroom work. The Festival believes that (1) students are capable of extremely high level work, beginning at very early grades (2) media and multimedia are excellent tools for students (3) video and multimedia should be integrated into the regular subject-area curriculum (4)rewarding exemplary work and good school programs encourages more of both.

Students that are voted as best in their category will be celebrated with trophies and their film (or a portion of their film) will be screened at the Monarch Film Festival.

Students may work in groups of up to 4 individuals.
-Content must be school appropriate.
-All entries must be original
-Videos must be uploaded in .mp4 file format (see resources).
-Copyright Policy: Because this is a festival celebrating classroom work, fair use applies in the area of copyright. Of course, individual schools may have their own guidelines.