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The Microchip Man

Daniel has returned from an anti-poaching operation, to find that he has been selected as a
personality profile test subject in microchip implantation trials by the banks, for a coming cashless
society, he does not consent to the chip and makes a run for it , he is falsely accused of trying to Rob
the bank. Agent Perkins has been sent to catch a bank robber before the word gets out to the
general populace, the triads want their Rhino horn back, the bankster’s are trying to rule the world
by getting everyone micro-chipped, the triads, looking to recover the Rhino horn come across the
microchip technology, realising the potential for control they think this technology will do well in
China and try to steal it, the bankers mobilise a contract killer to safe guard their interests.
Daniel must protect what is valuable to him.

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    Action, conspiracy
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    South Africa
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