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The Man with a Buffalo Head

After attending his older brother’s funeral, Moi, an easygoing gentle giant, is convinced to steal beer from a liquor store with his friend/cousin Gabby, playfully self-centered and a bit arrogant. Since Gabby did not attend the funeral, Moi yearns for an explanation and apology, but shies away from confrontation. After the theft goes awry, the two are chased down by the manic liquor store owners and attempt to escape into the woods. They dodge trees and bushes until they tumble down a hill, smack their heads on a rock, and blackout.

As they return to consciousness, the two find themselves stranded in the woods and suddenly face to face with a broad man with a Buffalo head. When Buffalo Man offers to help them return home, Moi agrees while Gabby reluctantly tags along.

Along their journey, they learn about Buffalo Man's ability as a shapeshifter, he can turn into a buffalo. Although he uses his power for good, there are evil men looking to end Buffalo Man’s life. Without knowing it, the three are being hunted by the vile Coyote Man, who is cursed to only roam the desert lands. They must reach the bridge at the edge of the desert to escape Coyote Man.

After nearly being caught by Coyote Man, Moi finally confronts Gabby about her failure as a friend. Gabby explains how challenging it was for her to attend the funeral, and she cries. During this vulnerable point, Buffalo Man is attacked by Coyote Man.

With Buffalo Man pinned to the ground by Coyote Man, Gabby comes to the rescue by knocking out Coyote Man with a rock. With no time to waste, the three sprint across the desert. As a last attempt, Coyote Man leaps at Moi and sweeps his leg. Nearing victory, Coyote Man is ultimately defeated when Gabby and Buffalo Man work together to save Moi’s life. Together, they reach Buffalo Man’s home where he is greeted by his family and transforms back to his human form. After this eye-opening experience, Gabby and Moi make amends and begin their journey home.

  • Eric Armando Ibarra
    GLAFIRA (Short Film), Rebel Familia (Sizzle Reel for Warner Bros.)
  • Alexandria E. Martin
    The Marsh King's Daughter (Feature), GLAFIRA (Short Film)
  • Julio Macias
    Selena (Series), On My Block (Series)
  • Natalia Moscoso
    Gucci, Nike, Google Pixel
  • Emilio Garcia-Sanchez
    R#J (Feature), Tomorrow (Short Film)
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography

This year I lost two friends and came close to losing two more. Shootings, career pressures, and substance abuse were all to blame in one way or another, but where it all seemed to come to a head was the lack of access to healthcare. In this wake and rehabilitation period, I have entered a personal journey with grief. Two major lessons I learned are: each person deals with grief in their own unique way and in tough times, you have to show up for your community.

During the discovery of the New World, colonizers hunted buffalo almost to extinction. Despite this, the buffalo persevered and remains today. In the 1960s, Chicano lawyer/activist Oscar Acosta established the buffalo as a symbol for the Chicanx community because much like the buffalo, no matter what is thrown our way, we remain united and are stronger for it. This story honors and explores this symbolism.

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