The Man

A man consumed by his work life finds himself thrown into a journey that explores what’s truly inside the heart of man.

A man has become obsessed with work and climbing the corporate ladder, neglecting his wife and family in the process. One day while heading to work, he experiences a pain, a sort of glitch in his surroundings. He awakes in a remote location. A dream world. He journeys deeper into each layer, more dangerous than the last. Arriving at the final layer, he’s reminded of who he is and discovers what truly is in the heart of man.

  • Erin Neupauer
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  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 34 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Erin Neupauer

Erin Neupauer was Visual, Sound and Media major with a concentration in Film/Theatre minor at Seton Hall University. This is her 6th student film. Some of her credits include “Skin and Bones”, “Trance”, and “An Honest Mistake”. She has interned with WFMZ-TV and PBS in Pennsylvania, and Wheelhouse Creative in New York. She has acted in several student films as well. She is so thankful to be able to work with such inspiring professors and fellow crew mates.

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Director Statement

“The Man” started as a project to challenge myself. I love writing, especially dialogue, so I wanted to create a piece that had minimal dialogue, and focused more on the silent journey that he takes. I wanted to take the less obvious aspects of films and bring them forefront. Music, sound effects, and lighting played a huge role. I wanted his facial expressions and his heart to show more than anything else. Created over an 8 month process, this film has given me the opportunity to grow and better myself in each area of filmmaking. I hope you enjoy, and to always remember to take a step back and remember that there’s nothing better in life than the people that love you.