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The Malevolent Bride

The Malevolent Bride is a modern supernatural thriller that follows the hunt for a vengeful spirit terrorizing an unsuspecting Hasidic community in present-day Jerusalem. A pair of unlikely demon-hunters – Hasidic psychologist Malki Price (Lioz Levy) and agnostic young physicist Dov Be’er (Tom Avni) – join forces to uncover the secret behind the malevolent spirit’s origins. Their investigation will take them into the heart of the Hasidic occult, challenge the foundation of Malki’s faith and Be’er’s secular beliefs, and pit them against a force of unimaginable evil. The series uses the horror genre to explore fears of sexuality and femininity within a religious community as well as the endless battle between religion and modernity. It also examines the complexities of traditional gender roles in orthodox communities.

  • Noah Stollman
  • Oded Davidoff
  • Avigail Ben Dor Niv
  • Oded Davidoff
  • Noah Stolllman
  • Avigail Ben Dor Niv
  • A+E Studios
    Co-production company
  • Orly Atlas Katz
    Executive Producer
  • Osnat Saraga
    Executive Producer
  • Adam Berkowitz
    Executive Producer
  • Tana Jamieson
    Executive Producer
  • Barry Jossen
    Executive Producer
  • Noam Arazi
  • Tom Avni
    Key Cast
    "Dov Be'er"
  • Lioz Levy
    Key Cast
  • Hisham Suliman
    Key Cast
  • Dar Zuzovsky
    Key Cast
  • Maya Wertheimer
    Key Cast
  • Esti Zekheim
    Key Cast
  • Lir Katz
    Key Cast
  • Dorit Lev Ari
    Key Cast
  • Itamar Zohar
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    41 minutes 17 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Oded Davidoff

Oded Davidoff is a leading Israeli film and television director and winner of two Television Academy Awards.

Davidoff was born in Jerusalem (1967).
He attended the Sam Spiegel School of Film and Television and graduated with honors.
His final graduation film, "In Good Hands" (1994), was selected as one of the ten best films of all times by the Sam Spiegel School. The film also won various awards at the Munich Festival, Montpellier Festival, exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art and won numerous international awards and festivals.
In 2001, Davidoff directed the film "Turkish March", a comedy thriller loosely based on Limor Nachmias' 1996 bestseller, "Pinch Me". The film rapidly became an Israeli cult film.
In 2005, Davidoff directed the film "Someone to Run With", based on the book by David Grossman of the same title. The film opened the Jerusalem Film Festival, won an award at the Miami International Film Festival and was sold for commercial distribution in Italy. The film was also adapted into a TV series.
In 2007, Davidoff directed the comedy series "Hakol Dvash" (It’s all Honey), for which he won Director of the year Television award.
In 2009, in collaboration with Noah Stollman, Davidoff created the suspense series “Pillars of Smoke”, for which he has once again won the Director's Award.
In 2011, the second season of “Pillars of Smoke” aired and was sold to NBC.
In 2012, Davidoff’s film "The Dealers" was released in theaters.
In 2013, directed and created the series " Antarctica", for Hot.
In 2016, directed the series "Ikaron Hahachlafa” (The Principle of Replacement), starring Lior Ashkenazi, for Hot.
In 2017, 2018, Davidoff filmed and directed two seasons of the comedy series "Zvi Has a Problem".
In 2019, Davidoff created and directed the comedy series "Daddy Strives" based on the life of one of the most prominent comedians in Israel and his fatherhood to his disabled adopted daughter. The series received critical acclaim and was titled that years’ "most important series on TV".
In 2020, Davidoff created and directed "The Missing File", a suspense series based on a book by Dror Mishani, centered around the investigation of a missing child.

Nowadays, Oded is completing a series called "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem" -a 1920’s period drama based on a novel by Sarit Ishai-Levy, for Yes.

Amongst his other projects, Davidoff has been continuously directing commercials for Israel’s largest companies.

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