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The Limbo

'Limbo is about the story of a boy named Pablo, 15 years old.
The father (adolfo) was a philosopher and writer. And he periodically used to take Pablo to a special forest with a bright lake to instill knowledge about life, nature and the universe, based on his studies on Newton, Einsten, Carl Jung, Edison, Pythagoras, Buddha, and many others. great thinkers
But as a result a problem arises. Pablo begins to neglect his traditional studies, that is his school.
So here Maria (Pablo's mother) has a strong discussion with Adolfo. The next day Maria and Pablo receive the news that the Father passed away
So here Pablo begins to wander the streets while finishing his school, offended against his mother, the people and the world. Pablo graduated at 18, but could not overcome his father's death. Not so Maria, who becomes a boyfriend again, Pablo when he finds out, can not stand it and has an accident with his motorcycle for being furious. Pablo falls into a coma, a deep coma that gives him access in his mind-spirit to an intermediate sub-plane between the physical reality and the spiritual reality called 'Limbo.' Well, he is alive in both realities. In limbo there are creatures that live on this plane and the manifestations of the subconscious of those who arrive there.
Pablo will have to solve the psychological puzzles and adventures that will make him return to his home, the earth or access to heaven ..., a decision he will make at the end.

  • Pablo Stecyk
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    El Limbo
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    Drama, Aventura, misterio, enigma, extrañeza, romance
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Writer - Pablo Stecyk