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The Last Voyage

"The Last Voyage" is a post-apocalyptic story about a small crew on a cargo ship who are the last survivors of a deadly virus that has wiped out most of humanity. They are approached by a group of armed men who reveal that they are responsible for creating the virus to "thin out the herd". A tense standoff ensues, and when the ship is suddenly attacked, the crew is forced to abandon ship and fight for their survival. The story is about the crew's struggle to stay alive in a world where their trust in others is constantly tested.

  • Matt Bennett
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
  • Genres:
    apocalyptic, action, thriller
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Matt Bennett

I have created my own youtube channel featuring a variety of videos. Some of the genres I have experience with include game play,skits,short films,trailers,drawing,paranormal,vlogs, and unboxing. I have recently began pursuing a career in voice-over acting. I have submitted audition files to various online companies. I also have experience making commentary videos for online consumption. I have two published children's books (Ants On Halloween, Wildlife Jungle Zone). I wrote and formatted the book. Both of my books included activities for greater reader interaction. All of my books are fun to read and include morals and life lessons in order to teach younger readers how to succeed in life. During my time at College I was taking classes in the Film Production. During this time I gained experience as an on-camera cast member, camera operator, grip, and Production Assistant. Some of the short films I was privileged to help create included The Friend HD, The Bully, ghost vs ghoul, and MySonWantstobeGayandImProudofHim.

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