The Last Case

Tanny, a 25 year old American-Korean college student, is one of the official members of the United Nations in the United States, and also one of the workers in the department of security. She has been raised under the supervision of Mitchell, the head Chief of the department of security, who is later found to be her real mother. Unsure of her past, Tanny has been in search of her long lost sister who she believes to be alive. In the midst of her adventures, Tanny comes to meet a South Korean boy, Kim Jong-min, who has been trying to commit suicide due to not wanting to return to his country. Tanny tackles his case seriously as this is her last mission, and last case. Mitchell is called to the scene, alongside two policemen and firefighters, she immediately orders a rope rescue and tries to calm Jong-min down but she is unsuccessful. Her only chance is Tanny. Tanny starts communicating with Jong-min as soon as she arrives at the scene, slowly getting closer to him, one step at a time, she finally reaches close enough to install her vest’s hook to the neat fence. She immediately grabs Jong-min from the waist and they both fall down. Held by Tanny, Jong-min reaches the building’s porch safely. From that day on, Jong-min and Tanny stay in contact through different incidents, adventures, cries, and laughters. Although accidental, Tanny comes to find out truths about her past, her family, and her sister through meeting with Jong-min. After 25 years, she finally becomes free as her identity is finally recognized. After one year of separation, Tanny and Jong-min meet again in South Korea. Tanny is invited to talk of peace in the Main conference hall of Seoul, for the United Nations, as Jong-min for her escort. After a year of separation, they were finally able to realize their true feelings towards each other, but after finding out about her father and his past, Tanny becomes scared to date a foreign person. After visiting the DMZ border, Jong-min reassures Tanny that his feelings are real and proposes to her.

  • Mina K.G.N
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  • Genres:
    Social, Action, Fiction
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    United States
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Writer - Mina K.G.N