The Land Of Theatre

Jhadipatti Theatre, culture and tradition spanning over generations is a Pandora's box, untouched and still waiting to be opened and seen by the world outside. Also called the theatre of the jungle, Jhadipatti Rang-Bhoomi is a festival of drama celebrated for a period of 6 months from October to March every year. Every night is a performance night where plays are performed by various groups from 10 pm to 5 am. The people in this region of 4 districts viz. Gadchiroli, Gondia, Bhandara, and Chandrapur are theatre lovers and firmly believe in entertainment with a social cause. Art and Revenue are the main key features of this festival. People work hard for 6 months and the next 6 months are purely for entertainment and for revenue generated through this festival. This festival is organized by the local trusts, it does not receive any funds from the Government or from any Sponsors. Jhadipatti Theatre is a mass movement encasing all aspects of drama with a relevant social message. It is an essence of tradition and culture of the people of this area. Not only does it provide motivation and inspiration to the local people for striving hard to earn money but is also a source of entertainment, social bonding and building new relationships. This Jhadipatti Rang Bhoomi generates revenue amounting to crores of rupees during and by this festival. The organizers, actors and even the audiences travel all over this region to perform and watch different shows. Due to this association, relationships develop which end in marriages. Local people (including the tribals and Naxalites) come on foot from deeper forests and innermost areas where there is still no mode of transportation to watch this Jhadipatti theatre. The drama takes place under the roof of mother nature, the starry skies - A platform of approx 10 ft x 10 ft is constructed and a huge square pit is dug to accommodate chairs for the audiences. Whatever be the weather, the shows go on. Every drama trust performs about 100 times during this period - People of all age groups, gender or caste gather to watch the shows. These performances not only invite immense appreciation and applause but also severe criticism if the audiences are dissatisfied. Shankarpet i.e.the bullock cart race and the cock-fight are special attractions in this festival; inviting people from all over the region to participate. These competitions rejuvenate the farmers with new energy and excitement. Guests are invited and hospitality is at its peak - The revenue generated through the tickets is utilized for the development of the villages and the betterment of this tradition of Jhadipatti theatre. This tradition has remarkably been successful in keeping the audiences enthralled with theatre leading to inactivity of cinema theatres in this area. Jhadipatti theatre is in the true sense Theatre for and by the people.!.

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