The Lake

Charles is an architect working at a sleep research study in cold country Antartica and Siberia. The study looks at Image/Language motifs that arise as descriptive identifiers in the making of interpretive mechanics that connect mind to matter at a quantum level, thereby effecting consciousness, in a variety of ways but most specifically in multi- dimensional vortexes to timed full expansion scenarios created by capacity cortex firings as evidenced then with enhanced mind/brain powers.

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Writer Biography - milagro taurus

milagro is a writer specializing in storytelling with an emphasis in mind/brain treatments that enhance the ability of short prescriptive micro story adaptations that directly heal any defective disorder almost miraculously. Based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic evidenced-based psychological impact design integration. She is a licensed clinical social worker.

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I often think that long term therapeutic intervention models of talk therapy that never are really directly received by the brain because of defensive structures. I have created treatment strategies that get around the buffers and are directly received by the sensory system thereby naturally healing any rifts or disconnects of continuity, self/identity.