The Lahootian Rebel

"Hybrid Theater Association is a Team which it's Main interest is producing shows that concentrate on Technology|Drama & Interactive Collaborations."

H.T.A's "The Lahootian Rebel" is a combination of "INSTALLATION" and "THEATER", focused on "NEW MEDIA ART" which is the key to Evolutionize Live Performance.
It is A New kind of Performance or even a New kind of Theatre which it is reffered to as "Hybrid Theater."
Hybrid Theater is where Technology,Drama & Interactive Collaborations Collide.

The aim "The Lahootian Rebel's" story hold is toward, Creation, Women, Freedom, Technology(AI), Existence, Ethics, Philosophy and Mythology.

  • Mostafa Mousavi
  • Mostafa Mousavi
  • Mostafa Mousavi
  • Lynn Alsatie
  • Mithra Masaeli
    Key Cast
    "Prometheus - The Mother - Praya"
  • Farhan Farizeh
    Key Cast
    "Menotious - The Son - Hervic"
  • Kamyar Mohebi
    Key Cast
    "Zeus - The Father - President"
  • Ali Kouzegar
    Lead Artists
  • Arman Moghaddam
    Lead Artists
  • Dariush Khazaei
    Lead Artists
  • Neda Gheraati
    Lead Artists
  • Shayan Safavi
    Lead Artists
  • Project Type:
    Virtual Reality, Performance, Installation, Interactive Film, Augmented Reality, Other
  • Minimum Runtime:
    45 minutes
  • Maximum Runtime:
    55 minutes
  • Average Runtime:
    60 minutes
  • Variable Runtime Details:
    This Project is a Long processed Project ,Every Year when we complete each phase, the run time might vary.
  • Production Budget:
    15,000 USD
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mostafa Mousavi

Born in 1995, Iran - Tehran
Mostafa Mousavi is a Writer/Dramaturge/Director/Producer,
a M.A Graduate From "Azad University Central Tehran Branch", Currently a Ph.D Candidate of Art Studies And Founder of H.T.A
(Hybrid Theater Association.)

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Director Statement

"I believe the world is changing.
And the ones who evolve with it, will prevail."

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"The Proposal File (TLR)" And "Vision" From
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To Understand what H.T.A Aims for The Future of This Project.