The Labyrinth

Imre and Sinan are university students. According to Daedalus’ Labyrinth Myth, covered in class, Daedalus is recognized as the first architect in history, not in the sense of designing buildings, but metaphorically in the sense of “designing life”. The Labyrinth, on the other hand, is a reference to the human mind and the life he has designed. Within this context, God created Daedalus so that he would design a world in his mind, set traps in that design as well, but would not fall into them mistakenly and forgetfully, and would discover beauties.
After that class, through their research, experiences and dreams, İmre and Sinan realize that ;
Human life (the labyrinth) is full of sufferings and traumas, together with beauties as well. Each corner and each decision leads to a new occurrence. Sufferings hurt as long as they are ignored or scared of and avoided; they cease when confronted and passed through. What really matters is to keep going, seek and discover beauties, appreciate them and present them -in a sense- to God. The biggest trap in life (the labyrinth), the fundamental fear of man is the misconception of “death and disappearance”. The world is temporary, but presence is infinite.

  • Ufuk Cebeci
  • Özgür Erdoğan
  • Özgür Erdoğan
  • Damla Selen Ekizler
    Key Cast
  • Uğur Can Çelikel
    Key Cast
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    15 minutes 6 seconds
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    July 28, 2023
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Director Biography - Ufuk Cebeci

Ufuk Cebeci
Born in Istanbul in 1985, Üsküdar University radio, cinema and television student.
After stepping into the industry as a production assistant in 2003, he worked in art, camera, directing and production teams in many TV series, films and commercials.
After 2020, he took part in many films as executive producer.
In 2022, he directed a theater play called "Journey to my mother" and made additions to his career in this field.
Ufuk Cebeci, who has scripted and directed many commercials, is making preparations to continue his cinema life with box office films.

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