The Keeper of The Jewels Short

Eric Majette, Jr. has always been inspired by the stories of his ancestors and fueled by an unshakable sense of purpose to make sure the contributions of African Americans are celebrated and taught.

Majette has dedicated his life and life's saving to return original Black History artifacts to Black ownership. With each artifact he recovers, Eric peels back layer after layer of history and reveals the stories of African Americans that have been hidden for too long. But as he draws closer to his ultimate goal, he realizes that the true value of his work is in jeopardy of being erased but politicians that are taking extreme measures to ban and restrict its contents from the public. Majette knows this history is the only way to inspire a new generation of Black Americans to stand tall and proud in the face of adversity.

He is joined on this visual journey by the legendary Black Panther, Kathleen Cleaver, and Dr. Julius Garvey, the only living son of the world’s greatest Black leader, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. All while receiving his rites of passage from the legendary activist and comedian, Dick Gregory.

Impressed by his commitment to the culture and his extraordinary sacrifices to preserve the history Gregory dubs Eric as a griot for the ages – a beacon of hope and inspiration for a new era of social justice and equality, and bestows on him the title of “The Keeper of The Jewels.”

  • Eric Majette, Jr.
  • Eric Majette, Jr.
  • Eric Majette, Jr.
  • Judith Majette
  • Eric Majette, Jr.
    Key Cast
  • Kathleen Cleaver
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  • Dr. Julius W Garvey
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  • Dick Gregory
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  • Project Type:
    Animation, Documentary, Short
  • Genres:
    Nonfiction, Documentary
  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 19 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 24, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    5,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
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Director Biography - Eric Majette, Jr.

Eric Majette, Jr. is not just a historian, author, speaker, and founder/creator of one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive traveling Black History collections, he is also a visionary filmmaker.

He has committed his life to educating and reminding the world of
the rich and undeniable historic contributions of African American
culture. His passion for preserving history has led him to be known
as “The Keeper of the Jewels,” a title given to him by activist and
legendary entertainer, Dick Gregory.

Majette has spent almost 30 years in the entertainment industry,
including 17 years in film and television. He’s worked with and
promoted some of black music and Hollywood’s biggest and
brightest stars such as Mary J. Blige, Cardi B., Michael Douglas,
Jesse Metcalfe, Wendy Williams, The City Girls, Nicki Minaj, Tyler
Perry, and many more. Through his work in the entertainment
industry, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience,
which he uses to great effect in his historical work.

Majette’s understanding that self-awareness holds a direct
correlation to self-esteem and empowerment is at the heart of
the collection, and the exhibits and speaking engagements that
he is internationally recognized for hosting. He believes that it’s
impossible to measure anyone’s trajectory if you don’t know their
base, which is why he has dedicated himself to preserving and
sharing Black history with the world.

Eric has the distinct pleasure of having one of his first documentary projects from 2005 included in a collection kept in the Library of Congress.

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Director Statement

This film was birthed out of a great time of turmoil. I was experiencing a health challenge from long covid which affected my vision. The fear of going completely blind pushed me to get this film done. Not only while I could still see but to make sure my story and the overall history, I’ve dedicated my life and life’s saving to would have a voice and could represent my journey in preserving this legacy. This film is not only my life’s work and story but the shared story of some of those that lived the history that I collected. People such as Kathleen Cleaver, Dr. Julius W. Garvey, and the legendary, Dick Gregory.

In a time when legislators are attempting to erase the rich and essential history of African Americans from educational curricula, our film stands as a defiant celebration and preservation of the truth. Through this project, we strive to illuminate the stories, struggles, and triumphs of African Americans, acknowledging their significant contributions to the fabric of our society.

The banning of black history is not only an attack on the educational system but also a suppression of the diverse narratives that have shaped our nation. Our film aims to counteract this erasure by providing an authentic and compelling portrayal of African American history, shedding light on the experiences, achievements, and ongoing fight for justice.

By delving into the past, we hope to challenge the prevailing narratives and stereotypes that have persistently marginalized African Americans. Through careful research and collaboration with historians, scholars, and community members, we seek to present an accurate and nuanced depiction of their journey, exploring both the struggles they have endured and the progress they have made.

Moreover, our film strives to inspire dialogue, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our shared history. By exploring the experiences of African Americans, we aim to foster a sense of collective responsibility and a commitment to confronting the injustices of the past, as well as those that persist today. Our film invites audiences of all backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations, encouraging them to question the narratives they have been taught and to actively seek out suppressed stories.

Through powerful visuals, immersive storytelling, and compelling performances, we intend to captivate audiences and ignite their curiosity about the untold chapters of African American history by those that lived it. By shining a light on lesser-known events, figures, and movements, we hope to bridge the gaps in knowledge and challenge the notion that black history is separate from the broader American narrative.

Our commitment to preserving and honoring African American history extends beyond the screen. We collaborate with educators, community leaders, and cultural institutions to develop accompanying educational materials and resources that can be used to supplement the limited curriculum. Our aim is to empower teachers, students, and lifelong learners with accurate information using the actual artifacts themselves to instill a renewed appreciation for the diverse contributions of African Americans throughout history.

In a time when ignorance and intolerance threaten to erase the invaluable contributions of African Americans, our film is a rallying cry for truth, justice, and equality. We believe that by reclaiming and preserving this history, we empower future generations to build a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Together, let us confront the challenges, stand against the erasure of black history, and ensure that the voices and experiences of African Americans are forever remembered, celebrated, and learned from.

Eric Majette, Jr.