Create a 1-3 minute short film about anything | This Year's Theme - Mood | Free to enter | Open from March 14th - 23rd May Midnight GMT

Second Category Added
Create a 1-10 minute short film about anything | This Year's Theme - Mood | Free to enter | Open from March 14th - 23rd May Midnight GMT

We will have guest film industry judges again (Check out our stills for our previous awesome 2020 judges), they will be announce before and during the submissions process. Stay tuned for those.

Our theme "Mood" can be interpreted in anyway you see fit, we want our new filmmakers to put a touch of how they have felt over the last year into their films.

Best Film IFF 2021 and yet to be determined festival awards can be won during our 27th June Live Event.

You will also receive a one off laurel for successfully being accepted into the festival and there are unique festival laurels for being nominated for best film and the other categories (yet to be determined).

Terms and Conditions:

You will retain ownership of anything you enter and are simply granting us the permission to share, upload, edit and use your content as we deem appropriate to both run and advertise the Isolation Film Festival. This will include uploading all entries to our YouTube page and to share on social media. We may also edit your entries into highlights reels/advertisements for the festival and share these on social media also.

You must own or have permission to use everything within your project, this includes but is not limited to music, images, video, people involved in your projects, sound effects, etc.

We are not responsible for any damages or injury you may incur while producing your project. We are simply giving you inspiration to be creative, please be responsible in what you are doing at all times.

Entries must adhere to the rules set out in the rules category.

Anyone entering who is under the age of 18 must have the permission of a parent/guardian or have their entry submitted by someone who is over 18 on their behalf.

No entries will be accepted after the 23rd May 2021 at midnight GMT.

Winners will be chosen with categories and awards chosen by the organisers (and possible judges), these are subject to vary and will depend on how many entries are received.

Currently there are no prizes however should prizes be added at a later date there will be amendments required to the terms and conditions so please check back frequently. We will do our best to inform anyone as and when changes have been made.

Throughout all of the process please adhere to and keep up to date with the current government guidelines surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. At the time of writing, our rules adhere to this but we are not liable for anything you incur, experience or that happens to you while you are producing your entries.

We have no affiliation with anything surrounding the COVID19 outbreak, we are three individuals running an event, for fun.

Guest Judges:
All guest judges are subject to change and work commitments.

Previous IFF Submissions:
You cannot have submitted your submission to last year's IFF.

Overall Rating
  • great festival thanks for having us well done everyone x

    September 2021
  • Gina Omilon

    One of my favorite festivals! I create films to submit for them specifically. The kindest people that make you happy to do what you do.

    August 2021
  • I really had an awesome experience during this festival, thank you so much ! :D

    July 2021
  • Thibaud Marcouire

    Really good experience.
    Thanks for all !

    July 2021
  • Ryan Oksenberg

    Brilliantly run virtual film festival with a lot of love and care put into it. This is the best festival of its kind, championing ingenuity and imagination of filmmakers creating during quarantine. The podcasts interviewing filmmakers was a great way to learn more about the selected films and their creators, however, if I would suggest one thing, it would be a moderated group zoom with the filmmakers so there's a chance to connect with them "face-to-face" like you would at in-person festivals. I'd also suggest the shorts be organized in themed blocks rather than one, 4+ hour YouTube video.

    July 2021