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The Insurance Man

“The Insurance Man” is written along the lines of shows such as “Ray Donovan” and “Shooter.” The series follows Jade Tee, a corrupt federal agent who concocts a perilous plan to save her estranged daughter from the clutches of Kersey: a brutal fixer dubbed ‘The Insurance Man’ who covers heinous crimes for a premium.

In the pilot, Jade is diagnosed with cancer and longs for a heart-to-heart with her estranged daughter, Detective Ria Massy. But before she can reconcile with her daughter, Jade must settle things with the nefarious Kersey who recruited Jade at her lowest point in an effort to cover up his wealthy clientele's crimes.

When Jade learns that Ria has been dragged into her shady underworld, she denies herself treatment and bites back the only way she knows how: spilling the blood of Kersey’s clientele, and going to war with him and her replacement: the ruthless and resourceful defence attorney Damon Brooke.

Can Jade stop Kersey before her cancer stops her? Or will Ria be left alone in a world with Kersey, a criminal who affords criminals the privilege of committing terrible crimes without consequence?

  • Tables Turned
    Short Drama supported by the emergency services
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    Television Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Tables Turned

I’m a former cinema manager and projectionist.  I have garnered feature film and television commissions and options since writing full-time (my first production a short drama sponsored by the emergency services). My big breakthrough came when my erotic murder-mystery, Hourglass Heights, achieved a publishing contract in 2014. It was later nominated for both the People’s Book Prize as well as the National Book Awards. 

I have also co-written a Sci-Fi action-feature film called ‘More Than Human’ with Brian Paisley for AshenGlow Entertainment / Chris Hutchins.

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