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The Hidden Village

Maanik lost his family in the Aamko Simko massacre in 1939. He instigated the villagers to participate in the Indian independence movement against the British. Manik is found guilty and the British government announces life imprisonment which is known as 'Kala Pani'. The Cellular Jail is full of freedom fighters as the agitation is at its peak across the country. The government decided to leave Manik to die in the Sundarbans which is home to the Bengal tigers. Manik meets Amri, a spiritual meditation guru, and his clan in the forest. Amri makes Manik realize that his love for the country is nothing but a vengeance that seeks to avenge the death of his family, not real patriotism. He stays in the forest forever and warns that the British will enter the forest and ruin the tribes one day. One day, after ten years an officer visits the forest. Manik convinced and united the tribe to fight against the British. After an argument with the officer, it is revealed that India became independent ten years ago and that he is a forest officer who has been appointed to reconnect and find the lost villages.

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I am an independent screenwriter from Pune, India. Mostly focussed on feature films, comedy, fiction, ads, stories writing for 20 years. I run my own youtube channel named ‘auk filmmaker’ where all the released movies are written and produced by myself and I also provide content for other youtube channels.
My screenplay for the feature film ‘The tenant’ is processed with some of the reputed production houses and the teaser is released on youtube -

My short movies ‘Where Is God’, ‘The Hope’ and ‘The Tip’ are known for their content and can watch on my youtube channel -
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I always try to convert my experience into fiction while writing a movie and movies convert my fiction into the experiences of the moviegoers. One day, I visited a tribal area and found that they believe in specific philosophies, faith and live in a different world. They are not connected with us and they also made me think that if one is not aware of the world then there is nothing harm in it. It is better to be live in the mess of the world that a small world is enough to lead a better life. I kept this idea in mind and started writing 'The Hidden Village'. Where a freedom fighter is sentenced to life imprisonment by the British and sent to a village whose people are not connected to the outside world. When it returns back to Independent India after ten years and we find nothing is changed except the government.