The Healer

At the tipping point of the second world war, a young missionary nurse works with the underground Polish resistance against an encroaching German threat as she must seek to unravel her strange visions of a British soldier whom she is drawn to help. Her journey into her vision’s triggers forgotten memories of a time of knights, the holy land and mass bloodshed of a time long past.
As the world prepares for war, the primordial celestial realm of the Order Di Grigori and its leader Father Daniele watch from the shadows, guiding and protecting those they deem as part of “God’s Grand Plan.” All the while hiding a dark and treacherous secret that could bring destruction to the Order itself.
Upon the dawn of the largest genocide of the 20th century, a dark odyssey between two worlds will collide, revealing ancient secrets that could spell the end of all...for all secrets made in blood, must eventually be paid.

  • Nadia J Bonomo
    Bite Size Pictures, Life of the Other Half
  • Joshua F Hoareau
    Impulse, Peacekeeper, Arrival
  • Petros Kalaitzakis
    Searching for Conner, Homeless, Life of the Other Half
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Supernatural, Period, Romantic, Drama
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer Biography - Nadia J Bonomo, Joshua F Hoareau, Petros Kalaitzakis

Nadia J. Bonomo is a producer, writer and director of film, TV and digital content. Adopted as an infant of two Italian migrant parents living in Australia, it was natural that her first language Italian, would cause quite a stir in the 80's. It was also a normal occurrence for Nadia to explain her story to curious strangers from a young age with great flair and gusto.

Raised on stories of her mother's life in post-war Italy and her experiences of migrating to Australia in the 60's during the 'White Australia Policy', she developed an active imagination and as soon as she could write, Nadia went on to tell stories of her own. Penning her first play in elementary school, despite being undiagnosed with dyslexia at the time, she found great confidence and love for the written medium. As an only child she spent most of her days playing pretend, drawing, writing plays, short stories and watching TV. After finding father's old 8mm camera in a dusty box she was introduced to the world of filmmaking.

As a natural storyteller due to her eclectic upbringing she perfected her skills as an observer, a listener and her keen interest in the human psyche. A love that still beat strong every day.

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