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Logline: In 2030, the world has nearly been eradicated due to a deadly variant of the virus. In order to save humanity, the American government devises a plan to secure citizens underground and integrate them in a virtual metaverse community as the planet is purified. Though at the most opportune time, a lead government scientist is kidnapped by an occult group waiting for this moment to rise.

Synopsis: On the brink of the 10th anniversary of the global pandemic, a variant of the virus with a 24-hour mortality rate decimates the world’s population. The surviving citizens must submit themselves to capsules located in one of three underground government centers located beneath three major airports in the United States. While the body is cleansed of the virus, the conscious minds of all surviving citizens will be integrated into the metaverse. This virtual community allows citizens to experience a multitude of fully immersive digital destinations and events from the past, present and possible future.

Once all citizens and government officials are admitted, the plan is for Artificial Intelligence to carry out the global purification of the planet; ridding the land, sea and atmosphere of all traces of the virus. Citizens would then be released to a pristine planet with a world to rebuild. Though at the most opportune time, their lead scientist is kidnapped by an occult group planning for this very moment. This group plans to repopulate the surface of the planet with very special, genetically superior children based on decades of research in genetic engineering from some of the greatest minds ever to walk the Earth.

*The story takes place in a reality in which Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide was a hoax. He reunited with the Maxwell family off the grid and had a part in the global pandemic. He now intends to carry out a plan regarding his desire to seed the human race with his DNA. Based on the sensitive nature of this background information, these identities are only insinuated throughout the story.

  • Michael Ryan Galada
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    Sci-Fi, Fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Michael Ryan Galada

Michael's journey into creative writing began by way of dark fantasies written in the early morning hours in order to try and memorize inane details of random diseases and disorders in college. Ten years of practice and a pandemic lead me to an invention that could extend the human lifespan and a story known as "The Great Reset."

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