Viveka Melki - TIFF FILMMAKER LAB – 2021

The story begins in 1947 when the Second World War had just ended. England is impoverished, and the awful truth of the Concentration camps is newly being revealed first-hand from survivors like MIRIAM DASSIN an embroiderer who has just arrived from the House of Dior in Paris. She meets ANN HUGHES a young talented embroiderer who works for Norman Hartnell, the Royal family’s clothing designer. It is an astonishing story love and resilience. But this story of the creation of the Royal Wedding gown is unique because of the contrasts, of darkness and light. The minute details of Princess Elizabeth’s 1947 wedding dress; embroidered with roses, bursts of lilies and stars, is in stark contrast with Miriam’s concentration camp experience and the faceless mass murder of the Jews in Europe.

  • Viveka Melki
    Butterfly Hunters (2022), Branded( 2022), The Fence (2020), After Circus (2016), Carricks (2017), Time it Takes(2010), War Correspondance (2014)
  • Debra Kouri
  • Viveka Melki
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    Canada, United Kingdom
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Director - Viveka Melki