We at TheBlood-Shed.com want to do all that we can to give indie horror filmmakers the respect they deserve. What you do is amazing and we applaud you! And so, we are announcing the Golden Rake Award for Indie Horror; a low-budget, prestigious award for low-budget, prestigious horror films. This is an award that will be given to three recipients each year who have made an exemplary horror film with limited resources.

Please read the entry requirements under rules.

The three winning films and their respective writers and directors will be immortalized on The Golden Rake Wall of Fame on theblood-shed.com and receive an (admittedly cheaply) hand-made award: The Golden Rake.

NEW THIS YEAR: The three winners will also be offered a production deal for their next movie (pending a mutual agreement) where TheBlood-Shed will offer to provide funds in the amount ranging from $500-$1000 towards their next horror film project.

To enter, the film must fall into the horror genre, be made for less than $100,000, be LONGER THAN 60 MINUTES, and must have finished production no earlier than January 1st of 2015 and be entered to be considered no later than January 31st of 2016. Films submitted must be in English or have English subtitles to be considered.
NEW THIS YEAR: Films entered must also not have a 3rd party distribution deal at time of entry.

Only 30 slots available for consideration.