'Tis the season to be spooky and Access Fort Wayne, the public access station for Allen County, Indiana wants your weird, scary, or seasonal-inspired films for The Ghoulie Film Awards and to play on our channels. The Ghoulie Film Awards will showcase local filmmakers and encourage anyone in Allen County with a spooky idea to submit films for consideration. Everyone is welcome from the professional with a full studio to the everyperson on their cell phone. The creativity comes from you and we want to show it off! Length of projects start at thirty seconds and can go as long as you want to make them great breaking down into both Family Friendly and Witching Hour categories, the latter featuring TV-14 and TV-MA content not aimed for the younger crowd. Get excited and get creative for the Ghoulie Film Awards!

Remember, a thirty second donation can spook a life. Let them know you SCARE!

First and foremost, this contest brings bragging rights. Secondly, we're getting support from local Fort Wayne businesses donating passes, gift cards, and other prizes to keep community at the focus. We live here, we create greatness here. Winners in each category can also expect a 3-D printed trophy of the "Ghoulie" or plaque detailing their achievement. All submissions will get exposure by playing on Access Fort Wayne's channels.

Submissions will fall into two categories by content: Family Friendly or Witching Hour. Family friendly submissions will contain no content which could not be aired during traditional daytime scheduling according to FCC Content Guidelines.

The Witching Hour films can show scenes of intense violence, intense sexual situations, strong, coarse language, or intensely suggestive dialogue to be marked as TV-14 for air on Access Fort Wayne. Content with graphic violence, explicit sexual activity, or crude, indecent language will be marked as TV-MA when aired on Access Fort Wayne's channels.

All content submitted will be turned in with full knowledge and permission to play on Access Fort Wayne's channels and used in any publicity associated with the Ghoulie Film Awards including not-for-profit repeated public showings for the life of the festival.

Submissions will be split up by time :
Shorts from thirty seconds (:30) to five minutes (5:00);
Five minutes (5:00) to thirty minutes (30:00);
Feature length of thirty minutes or more (30:00+).