The Ghost Designer of NYC

THE GHOST DESIGNER OF NYC. A story based off the real life of Celebrity Alhassan Toure, The Leather King. This 10 part series “The Ghost Designer of NYC” is a story about a West African designer with dreams of coming to America to pursue a life as an established HipHop Fashion Designer.

  • Bileh Kash Gambela
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script, Treatment, Other
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    Biopic, Family, Fashion
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Writer Biography - Bileh Kash Gambela

My Name is Bileh Kash Gambela, and I am from the Bronx. I am the Showroom Manager for Fashion Designer Alhassan TOURE.

I’ve spent the last 22 years as a writer, I was signed to Rocafella Records back in 2001, as a writer and artist. In 2007 I began to work with Alhassan as his Show-room Manager, and second in command. We have since done 10 NYFW Shows including Newark New Jersey Fashion shows.
From 2009-2010 I have also honed my literary skills by creating an Ancestry Anthropology DNA Genetic Blog. My DNA Blog has gone on to be the topmost searched blog in the country with over 500,000 visitors internationally. The ten years of research in the genetic field as a hobby has helped me, to help over 100 people decode, and trace their maternal, and paternal ancestral origins. My decade experience in the Fashion Industry has added another layer to my expanded creativity, as well as business relationships thus far. It has also opened the window of the behind-the-scenes events with some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.
What I’m trying to say that I have worked in different fields of the industry and it’s always felt right as a writer or a creator.

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Writer Statement

Why do I want to tell this story ?
I want to tell this story because one it is inspired by a TRUE STORY it is full of inspiration and hope. It is a story of the determined Underdog in the Fashion World who never gave up, and fought on his last leg to stay in the race.

Why I think I am the best person to tell this story?
I have very personal connection to the story, because I personally known the Designer Alhassan Toure over 20 years, and have been involved with the designer helping build his company. And, I have been his Fashion Showroom manager for the past 10 years.

Why tell this story now? This is the Prime time to tell this story, Most of the artist he started with back in 1999-2003 are now Hip Hop Icons such as Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj, 6IxNine, French Montana. Actors such as Forest Whittaker, Rob Morgan. Even the Day Time Today Show host Hoda & Jena.

With two decades in the HipHop and Fashion game, The Ghost Designer of NYC is the perfect back story of todays successful stars, a side view of what happened before the Lights, Camera, Action.