Gig Life

Adrian Munoz has a somewhat steady job working as a professional drummer for a brand-new amusement park called Bebop Land in Southern California. Some would say he’s made it as an entertainer. He makes a decent living doing what he loves. But, it’s not his only gig. In fact, all of the entertainers he works with— singers, dancers, and characters—have outside gigs. And they don’t do it because they need to, they do it because they HAVE TO. This is the Gig Life.

  • Fernando Adrian Miller
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    Television Script
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    United States
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    Yes - University of Denver
Writer Biography - Fernando Adrian Miller

Fernando writes stories featuring characters seeking justice or second chances while taking readers on a high-impact emotional journey. Influenced by the powerful minimal wording often found in poetry, his style appreciates the importance of page aesthetics, using the page's white and line spacing to draw imagery and meaningful actions with words.

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Writer Statement

My voice, genre preferences, and aim for emotional storytelling create my writing style. I believe it to be unique, visual, and with solid pacing. I am very confident that over the years, my writing craft has evolved into something that can help me attain my goal of becoming a successful screenwriter. I’ve accidentally been studying the craft all of my life, and now in return, I want to make more of what I love about the film industry. Great stories. Memorable characters. Crazy worlds. And, of course, the endings. I hope people enjoy my endings.