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The Forgiveness

The Forgiveness is a thirty-five minute documentary that takes you on a journey of African blacks as they seek a re-connection between their race and God. The response to atrocities blacks have and continue to endure is as diverse as the countries they come from. Unlike other cultures, several African blacks take a different approach to fight back…a spiritual approach…one you will discover on the path to The Forgiveness.
It is no secret that the black race has endured some of the most horrendous atrocities experienced by man: slavery, colonialism, injustice, and discrimination. Although slavery and colonialism have been eradicated in many places throughout the world, injustice and discrimination continue to prevail. African Americans often respond by protesting and demanding justice. Violence is often a common reaction. Yet within that same group of people there are others who chose to educate themselves in order to fight the system by becoming a part of it. In contrast, a group of African blacks choose a different course of action.
Since 1990, Kimbanguiste believers insist upon adopting an alternate method of reacting to black oppression not only in their own country, but throughout the world. Rather than an aggressive fight to attain a seat at the worldly table, these believers choose to spiritually battle for their rightful place.
Sinfulness committed by their ancestors was met with death. The consequences of their sins continue to fall on subsequent generations. The Forgiveness documents the long sacrificial journey to break this cycle of inherited sin. The process of attaining the crucial moment of forgiveness involves collective purification, spiritual retreats, building the church, mandatory nightly prayers, and the symbolic tradition of wearing bags to express humility before God.The documentary concludes with people opinions about the after forgiveness. What is going to change?

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    35 minutes
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    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
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    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
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Director Biography - ISABELLE KABILA

Isabelle Kabila

Director/screenwriter/ producer Isabelle Kabila is the Founder and CEO of Unparalleled Film, an independent film production company based in Stockton, California. Kabila began her career in television, working as a news reporter at Congolese National Television and Radio. She has created documentaries and special magazines for such international organizations as Red Cross and UNESCO. In 2000, she co-directed the short documentary Mandombe, about a new writing invented by David Wabeladio. She directed the feature documentary Nkamba, The Kimbanguist Mecca, and recently Sharing Passion, about classical music becoming attractive within families in Kinshasa/ DRC

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