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The Fallen

Frank overcomes his alcoholism to help Cheryl solve the death of her father and several other people in Cheryl’s hometown. This is the introduction to Cheryl, Frank, Avery, and Chuck. This episode exposes Frank and Cheryl to their first taste of the supernatural, leaving Frank with a renewed vigor that he thought he had lost after the death of his wife, and Cheryl finds out from her father’s ghost that her mother is still alive.

After the case is closed, Avery lets Frank in on the fact that other supernatural cases exist, and some people in the FBI have been tasked with dealing with them, and covering them up so the public does not catch on the fact that these things are around them all the time. Avery asks Frank to help with these cases and head up a task force to deal with them. Frank agrees, but only if Cheryl is brought on board too.

  • Paul G Newton
  • Donald Upton
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer - Paul G Newton, Donald Upton