The first Frederick Film Festival (F3) was March 2009 where 15 features/documentaries and over 60 short films were screened. Guests included filmmaker John Waters.

Festivals annually since then have continued the tradition of evocative films and guests...Peter Reigert, Eduardo Sanchez, Mike Tully, Tim Sutton, Tara Lindhardt and added musical guests...Robbie Fulks, Deanna Bogart, the Klezmatics, Jenny Scheinman, Emily Wells, Paul Burch, Tom Principato, The Nighthawks, and many others.

The 2017 fest seeks to continue that tradition with an early summer, relaxing festival in the beautiful and charming city of Frederick. Events will include gatherings with filmmaker guests, panels, and even more live music.

The 2017 festival will also highlight short films, even more than we usually do. While we will still of course have amazing international feature films during the festival, the majority of programming this year will be celebrating the short film and exploring all the different ways the short film elevates the art of film making.

The 2017 F3 is also including a short-script writing contest this year. Short scripts of up to 25 pages will be accepted and reviewed by a team of scriptwriters and will vie for a chance at a grand prize and finalists will have a table read of the script before an audience. More information is coming and will be available on the website at:

FILM: Each film entry must have an online screener unless arrangements have been made first (feel free to contact us at the email provided). Foreign language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English.

Films previously submitted to The Frederick Film Festival are NOT eligible for new entry. Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the F3 and to use all music, images, and content in the entry. Entrant will allow usage of clips from the film for promotional use on television, radio, in print, and at live F3 events.

Festival selections will be announced around May 15, 2017. All entrants will be notified by email and the selected films will be posted on our website. The Frederick Film Festival cannot pay rental or screening fees for submitted work.

SCRIPTS: Submit scripts in English of no more than 25 pages in length. Include in the submission:

~ TYPE OF WORK (TV script, short script, other)
~ a 1-2 line synopsis of your story/film

Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry into the F3 and to use all content in the entry. Entrant will allow usage of exerpts from the script for promotional use on television, radio, in print, table reads, and other live F3 events.

Overall Rating
  • A great screening at the festival. Staff was very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. We had a good sized audience and an excellent Q&A afterword. Frederick is also a beautiful city to spend time with outstanding restaurants, pubs and shops. Our advice from The Night Watchmen...SUBMIT!

    January 2018
  • Steve Kennevan

    Very much enjoyed this festival. The venue was fantastic, the staff friendly and helpful, the Director dedicated and knowledgeable. A varied and entertaining selection of films, both local and international. Great after-parties in a vibrant and lively historical downtown. Would highly recommend!

    September 2017
  • Shaun Rosa

    Wasn't able to attend like I had hoped to, but they were great about communication through email.

    July 2017
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Fantastic festival, great communication, staff were very helpful and encouraging, great place to show your films. Thank you

    July 2017
  • very good the frederick film festival

    July 2017