The Exchange Students

In a town know for food trucks and strip clubs, a couple down on their luck, fakes an application to host rich, highly sheltered Japanese exchange students ,giving them total freedom & no supervision. Keep Portland Weird.

Dolly Saylor’s life is going nowhere. She is 33, and works at a cannabis place in SE Portland. After getting fired from “ Robert’s Plants” she wonders the street looking for any kind of work.
with the threat of getting evicted on her mind she applies for a job stripping at The Cracker Bare- All Gluten Free Strip Club. After she gets the job she notices a flyer for PDX Exchange Student Academy hosting Japanese exchange students for $500.00 a week.

Mickey Hooker , Dolly’s boyfriend has always been a happy underachiever. He works for the Portland Parks and Recreation mostly picking up dog poop and garbage. When he hears about the $500.00 a week he is doubtful they will get their application accepted.

After much falsifying information, their application is accepted and they will be in charge of Sho a 17 year old student from Japan and Kanata a 16 year old student. The Japanese boys have lead a life in Japan of hard work, strict rules and discipline. All of that is about to go out the window when they are living in Lents with no supervision, and total freedom for them to do anything they want for the month they are in America.

Keep Portland Weird just got a lot more real.

I believe this has universal themes of family, friendships and adventure and would appeal to a broad audience.

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Writer Biography

Lisa Penner-Dang Bio


I was a finalist in the Lit Laughs International Comedy Screenplay Competition Winter 2020 for my script: Kings of Cabra.

My screenplay "The Exchange Students", placed as a quarter finalist in the Portland Screenplay Awards, Summer 2021.

My Feature screenplay: Vampires of the North End was Official Selection in Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival 2021.

I was a quarter finalist for my screenplay Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle for the Chicago screenplay awards January 2022.

My screenplay “Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle” placed as quarter finalist in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2021.

My TV Pilot: Vampires of the North End Placed as Quarter Finalist for the Boston Screenplay awards. Winter 2022.

My one hour TV Pilot: Vampires of the North End placed as semi-finalist in the NYC International Screenplay Awards. Winter 2022.

My screenplay: Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle placed as Quarter Finalist in Portland Screenplay Awards Winter 2022.

Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle made second round selection for International Screenwriters Association Fast Track Fellowship 2022.

Vampires of the North End TV Pilot was selected Best TV Pilot Script of the Month winner March 2022. by Gothamite Monthly Film Awards.

Quarter Finalist Stage 32 Romantic Comedy Screenwriting Contest: Vampires of the North End. March 2022.
Lobo Tren placed as Quarter Finalist for Drama Screenplay Emerging Screenwriters May 2022.

Light Walkers placed as a Semi Finalist for Sci- Fi & Fantasy Emerging Screenwriters May 2022

Semi-Finalist in The Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards for Vampires of the North End TV Pilot. May 2022.

Finalist for Best Screenplay Indiefare International Film Festival June 2022 : Feral Female Kangaroos.

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Writer Statement

I love writing Dark Comedy, Rom Com, Animation and Horror. My characters celebrate diversity.