The Evolution of the Ocean

“Whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.” With this quote Charles Darwin ended his book about the evolution (On the Origin of species) and this video is a tribute to that book.
A video about the wonderful and constant evolution of the beloved ocean.

  • Rafael Fernandez Caballero
  • Alvaro de Miguel
    Film Editing
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  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 12 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 29, 2019
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Director Biography - Rafael Fernandez Caballero

World and European Underwater Photography Champion.
Since he was a child, his life has been linked to the sea and the world of underwater image, following his father, underwater photographer as well, and learning from his knowledge travelling around the world.
Nowadays, he is fully dedicated to professional underwater photography and video, with the aim of showing the beauty of our ocean to raise awareness about the importance of protecting it, as well as the realization of workshops and photo-courses all over the world.
He is an engineer specialized in renewable energies, commercial diver and CMAS instructor.
He has been the winner of many important international underwater photography competitions since 2012, including the world and the European Championship, and he has been jury in many others.
He has published in some prestigious photography magazines, being the collaborator of the Spanish magazine "Buceadores" or "Buceoworld”.
In addition, he is an international ambassador of different and important brands in the diving and image sector, such as Aqualung, Isotta, Orcatorch, Blueforce or Kanau.

Instagram: rafafdezjr
Facebook: Rafael Fernandez Caballero

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Director Statement

In 1859 Darwin published his most important work, a book about a new theory that explain the creation of every being in nature, called “On the origin of species”.
That supposed a big revolution and a new way of thinking. There was scientific explanation for life and it was evolution theory.
Perhaps this was the beginning of a scientific way of thinking in which humans were not a creation itself, but were another steep on a ladder of beings, as important as its previous steps and the ones behind. And with that idea and its magnificence began the awareness of environmental protection.
"The evolution of the ocean" shows that evolution but in the oceans, which has been always rather unknown, in a beautiful way.
From the primitive earth of volcanos to the most sophisticated marine mammals, going through different beings from less complex to more complex. And it shows it in a beautiful way as it is.
The evolution has and is being a marvelous show of nature that we have to know in order to love, and with the aim of protect it. Because people only protect what they love, and love what they know.