The Escobilla

Due to the lack of opportunities, Sostenes has been involved in the excessive commercialization of meat and eggs of sea turtles that every year arrive on the beaches of his community since his childhood. Over time this practice becomes illegal due to the impact it has on the habitat.
To control the situation, the government installs the Navy with whom the population has fatal confrontations because the economic situation forces them to continue looting. With the sailors, allies also arrive, scientists who study the phenomenon of "arrival" of turtles, they will try to influence the community to find alternatives for resource management. Sostenes finds a friendship in one of them that will be a great influence on his new awareness and decision-making to seek a change in his lifestyle.
After several attempts, they manage to consolidate an ecotourism cooperative that sought to take advantage of the turtles, but this time, alive. When the path was traced, the people who continued with the looting and who opposed this change tried to stop the initiative by burning the cooperative's facilities.

With the encouragement that the creation of their Organization had given them and the fear of returning to the old conditions, Sostenes and his community returned to build with great effort and many sacrifices a new place to install their Cooperative

To date and with several years of operation, the ecotourism cooperative "La Escobilla" has contributed to the increase in the population of turtles and improvement of the living conditions of the community on scales that they would never have imagined.

  • Eduardo Israel Castillo Tenorio
  • Eduardo Israel Castillo Tenorio
  • Sostenes Rodríguez Reyes
    Key Cast
  • Eradio Santillán Lavariega
    Key Cast
  • Erika Peralta Buendía
    Key Cast
  • Cinthya Anahi Barragán
    Sund direct
  • Ival Walstra
    Aereal photography
  • Scania Stinissen
    Aereal photography
  • Eduardo Israel Castillo Tenorio
  • Nelida Castillo
    Asist Photography
  • Tristán Gómez Ortiz
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    La Escobilla
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 13 minutes
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Director Biography - Eduardo Israel Castillo Tenorio

He was born on October 23, 1984 in Mexico City. With studies in Social Communication from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, in which studies in Photography, Film, Television, Journalism stand out, to name a few. With the support of various courses and workshops, he has leaned towards audiovisual production and photography. With experience in photojournalism at the Latitudes Press agency and an interest in social and biological issues, he tries to intertwine these tools and interests to create his own audiovisual content.
Experience in the art department in film and television has given him a vision and experiences that he manages to convey on camera. He currently carries out various audiovisual activities of various genres and themes as a Freelance, which day by day provides him with knowledge and practice in various types of audiovisual production

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