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The End Of the World

Barren is at a point in life where it quite literally feels like all is lost... Loved ones, life itself, everything... can he find a way back to a normal existence... can he fix his missteps... for now it feels like the end of the world...

  • Greg L. Hines
  • Greg L. Hines
  • Stephen C. Sebastiao
  • Greg L. Hines
  • Greg L. Hines
    Key Cast
  • Stephen C. Sebastiao
    Key Cast
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  • Genres:
    Horror, Romance
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Greg L. Hines, Stephen C. Sebastiao

Greg L. Hines, born Gregory Leroy Hines in Newark, New Jersey, April 30th, 1969.
As early as age 9 Greg began to write poetry. By age 15, he received the honor of being selected to go to a poetry festival where he met Sonia Sanchez, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou and Amiri Baraka. A key moment for him was when Maya Angelou read one of his poems aloud. Greg became a musician, music producer and lyricists to make his poems more kinetic. He has released over 35+ albums on his own label, Mindless Sound Records,LLC (Previously HardKandy Records Inc.) . In 2017 Greg who was already filming the label's music videos started editing them as well. Within a year he had filmed and edited over 11 music videos. As of 2022 Greg has done many award winning music videos,short films and even a full length feature film. Among his many awards his two favorites are the two for the score to his feature film “Against The Grain (Edit)”. Greg and his film company have won over 15 IMDB recognized awards and more than 18 IMDB recognized nominations. He also has many non IMDB recognized awards for film making as well.

He has had hopes for years of someone making a documentary of his career (which he's been collecting footage for since the mid 1990's). Greg also hopes to work towards the better treatment of those with mental illness as he was diagnosed with Bi-polar Depression (at an early age) and anxiety later in life.

Greg Has been doing charity work since age 11, when he spent 2 years doing clown shows for Hospitals,churches and libraries. After the two years he was awarded his Eagle scout medal
(The highest honor in Boy Scouts and an honor shared with many CEOs,Presidents,etc.)
He was one of the youngest boy scouts to recieve this honor (he was actually qualified a year before recieved the medal.)

HardKandyLand Studios is a studio Greg built and wired himself as a place for young artist to have a chance at recording and getting a professional sound (affordably). It’s Greg’s way of giving back to the artistic community by fostering young talent. He attempts to make the music industry more accessible on a small or large scale depending on the artist’s needs.
HardKandy Records Inc. was established in 1997 and became Mindless Sound Records,LLC In 2013. Artists He has Produced (Including Himself) have recieved some international, national, regional and local press.
*most notably Sugar Stick In: Brc...(International), Keyboard Magazine(National), Indigo(Regional)
And Alphafemes: Global Rhythm (International) and the Global Rhythm Compilation Cd (international). Not to mention Local newspapers like the Jersey Journal, Star Ledger and Ny Beacon.

Our groups have also made National Tv appearances (Univision) and Statewide appearances (Nj12,Nj’s only news channel).
Sugar Stick also did an album for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort with the Red Cross. He and his Artists House Of Illrepute and Jersey Advocates had the honor of recording at legendary Avatar Studios in Ny (Bruce Springsteen<Born In the usa album>,Madonna<Like a Virgin album>,David Bowie<Let’s Dance album> and many other amazing albums where recorded there (Formerly know as Power station Studios...).They have recently welcomed artists such as Eve, Missy Elliot, John Mayer ,Flava Flav,etc..

All the creative works from Greg’s Companies (films,albums,etc) have been self financed. Greg believes in multiculturalism and is very much against bigotry and racism in any form.

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Let your art speak for you... Unless the questions asked pull on you in a way you are compelled to answer them...