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The End Again

LOGLINE: As social unrest sweeps the country, a group of splintered angels facing burnout and budget cuts debate whether to save humankind.

SYNOPSIS: “The End Again” is a zany, satirical short film in the vein of feature-length film “The Lobster” and TV series “Atlanta.” It follows a group of undercover angels as they debate whether to intervene on behalf of humankind after the violent arrest of a Black man by a white police officer sends the country spiraling into widespread social unrest.

Humankind appears on the verge of total collapse as more and more violence spreads across the country by the hour. But there’s just one problem. Our angels are burned out, at odds philosophically, and facing stiff budget cuts. To make matters worse, the director of the department has just arrived on the scene to tamp down on unnecessary holy acts.

Further problems occur when a group of young, woke protestors storm the offices where the angels work in disguise as regular earthly beings and threaten to take hostages. With time crawling deeper into night, the angels must convince the group of vigilante protestors to abandon their plans for a takeover before widespread violence escalates into the downfall of humankind.

In the end, our eccentric angels manage to gain their freedom and life is eventually returned to normal. But not before the protestors learn an important lesson about “agency” and “choice” in the face of hardship. This is an inspiring social activism short film that says, “Keep the faith.”

  • Charlita Gaston
  • Charlita Gaston
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Charlita Gaston

Charlita Gaston is an American writer-director whose work has been recognized by The Black List Feature Screenwriter Incubator (Round Two); The Ida B. Wells Narrative Fund; Film Pipeline; Emerging Screenwriters; The Cynosure Screenwriting Awards; The Nostos Screenwriting Retreat, Tuscany, Italy; The Women of Color 2021 Filmmakers Lab; The Industry Next: Diversity in Film; and more. She is a graduate of the University of Tampa and received her MFA in screenwriting at Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Through her partnerships with the entertainment industry and non-profit organizations, Charlita has provided hundreds of hours of coaching and conversation around diversity, inclusion and belonging.

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