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The Elvis Conspiracy

People talk about Elvis as if he were different people such as Young Elvis, Hollywood Elvis, and Vegas Elvis. What if it was actually true?
Intertwining facts and conspiracy theories, this “alternative history” thriller follows Col Tom Parker as he transforms from small time carnival barker to star maker when he creates the icon Elvis Presley thanks to multiple actors, plastic surgery, and lip syncing. Meanwhile a relentless investigative reporter tries to uncover the truth behind what might be the greatest swindle in entertainment history.

“Da Vinci Code” meets “Eddie and the Cruisers”

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    Thriller, Drama, Biopic, Music
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    United States
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  • Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival 2022 – Top Prize - Best Screenplay
  • MoviePlay International Film Festival 2022- Top Prize - Best Screenplay
  • Bright International Film Festival 2022 - Finalist
  • Oaxaca Film Festival 2022 - Official Selection
  • Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Screenplay Competition 2022 – Quarterfinalist
  • Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2021 – Quarterfinalist
  • Chicago Screenplay Awards Winter 2020 – Quarterfinalist
  • Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection
  • Mojo International Film Awards 2022 - Best Screenplay
  • EdiPlay International Film Festival 2022 - Finalist
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest Film Festival 2023 - Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting
  • Indo French International Film Festival 2023 - Best Feature Script/Screenplay, Special Jury Award
  • Rome Prisma Film Awards 2023 – Best Screenplay
Writer Biography

Rikki Lee Travolta is an experienced creative professional who has worked in television, film, publishing, music, and theater. Currently he is the writer and producer of The Polish Cooking Show on PBS. Among his credits, he is an award-winning screenwriter and a published author and journalist. He also hosts a popular radio show about the entertainment industry. Previously he has worked on projects involving Janet Jackson, Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses), Bryan Adams, Sting, Extreme, Crowbar, Soil, Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween), Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars), and Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space 9).

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Writer Statement

I got into the entertainment industry as a performer and then evolved my interests into writing. I write in multiple genres including drama, comedy, sci-fi and action. I try to write characters that actors would want to play, and audiences would be fascinated to watch come alive. When I write screenplays – the first draft is the story I want to tell. Then, I adapt it into the story people would want to see. I am also a published author and journalist and apply the same general philosophy.