With a distinctly global perspective and a reputation for insightful analysis, The Economist is one of the most widely read current affairs publications in the world. From politics to business to science and technology, the paper has become the go-to source for those seeking to learn more about the world around them. Today, The Economist is looking to bring that content to life through a variety of short videos geared towards teenagers.

We are looking for filmmakers who can tackle the complex subjects and issues covered within the publication in a way that appeals to 14 to 17-year-olds. Filmmakers can use animation, live feeds, graphics, documentary style and more to create content that would engage a high-school student.

Videos should be 3 to 5-minutes long and must focus on a subject covered by The Economist in one of the following areas: politics, finance, international relations or technology. Entries must be in English or have English sub-titles, and no Economist branding should be contained within the submission.

The contest runs from January 16th through March 15th and is open to filmmakers around the globe and across genres.

The first place winner receives $2,000 USD, the second place winner receives $1000 USD and the third place winner receives $500 USD.

We will only accept digital submissions. Filmmakers must have secured the rights to any third-party material contained within their entry. Entries must be in English or have English sub-titles.