A unique experimental TV, Film Festival dedicated to workshopping autobiographical projects which highlight psycho-educational self-reflection. The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Big Screen Experience is a safe, socially distanced In-House screening of classic Dyonne Lewis TV Talk Show Episodes from seasons one through to the current season.

Reserve a private VIP viewing of the faith-based series, schedule a screening for two, or a group booking for a social circle of up to six friends. Take in The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival as a VIP member by private booking, year-round. Alternatively, catch three showtimes at the festival between 1:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

The annual awards-presentation is sponsored by FilmFreeway. The International Autobiographical ShortDoc competition takes place on February 14th during the 25th anniversary of Black History Month activities in the city of Toronto in 2021.

Word to Digital Storytellers/Film Festival Filmmakers

You are the project, that is, your story as a digital documentary. And you as the subject journalling your unique inner voice, is what this film festival is all about. Festival accepted projects will be played on the big screen in our Toronto studio, and festival

winners will have the project featured on our big screen, and the small screen-Fire TV--intensive "positive" and constructive group feedback will provide meaningful food for thought.

Dreaming is FREE the Hustle will cost much more...
Consider workshopping your story at The Dyonne Lewis Show film festival.
The possibility of a film laurel could prove worthwhile in further developing your story.

We don't need projects that are perfect, just ones that are "real".
The best quality audio-video production will give you the best chances of having your digital project accepted. Think about this as the three or five-minute highlight reel of your life with a clearly defined problem, conflict, and resolution.

Send us your best segment edited or flowing in a stream of consciousness so long as the end result is 5:30 (5-minutes and 30-seconds) including closing credits..
Give us 3 or 5 minutes of your life story magic...experimental video project.

You decide on the topic...

We have workshopped personal narratives about individual transcendence and the journey towards one's authentic self.
Tackle the individual's struggle to integrate a forgotten or lost part of their identity.

The work may examine enlightenment gained mindfully.
And certainly, it may approach self-discovery by looking at disenchantment brought on by lost illusions.

The project may also speak to an unsettling shift in consciousness.
Adjudication is based on peer analysis of each piece according to the survey, culminating with 1st Place Winner, plus 2nd Place, and 3rd Place Mentions:

TV Film Festival Workshop Online Screen Awards:
Audience Choice...
Autobiographical Screen Idea for Development

Submission Guidelines:
Film submissions must be no longer than 3 minutes
All entrants must be age eleven (11) or older before the date of the submission deadline.

Deadline for entry forms and film copies: Saturday, January 31st, 2020 at 4:59 PM EST
All films must be submitted at a minimum of 720p resolution.
All Film Submissions must adhere to OFRB PG Rating guidelines: Nudity, Coarse

Language, Disturbing Content, Strong Violence, Hate speech or imagery, and Crude Content prohibited.
Creators are permitted up to three (3) film submissions. Each entry must be accompanied by a separate Submission Form.

Your film must be submitted on a streamable URL link. The link must remain accessible.
2020 3-Minute Film Festival
Film submissions must be in digital format only (no analog or film formats).
Must only be in MP4, MOV, WMV format.

All applicable licenses and waivers of copyrights, moral rights, trademarks, and other such intellectual property rights have been secured by the filmmaker(s).
All contributors (actors, directors, camera-persons, editors, etc.) must be credited at the
beginning or end of the film.

There is no entry or registration fee.
If your film has dialogue that is not English and is not subtitled, you must include an English dialogue script.

Film submissions should contain warnings concerning such things as strobe lights, smoke, loud or startling sound effects, strong language, mature or disturbing content, etc. If your film is selected, a photo of the Director, as well as a short (max 300 characters) bio are required.

Selection Process:
- TV Film Festival Judges look for excellent execution in technical production, unique concepts, and storytelling. At the end of the day, it can come down to just our personal opinions – this is not the Canadian Screen Awards, after all!

There are no specific categories for film entries.
The Autobiographical ShortDoc Awards will be given out for the following category
Best Film. First Place, Second Place & Third Place.

Relatives of Dyonne Lewis will not be eligible for Film Awards and
Prizes. They can, however, still submit their works for screening.

Terms and Conditions:
Upon selection for screening, Liberty Media Productions shall reserve the right to save (in the form of download) and upload your content to for TV/Film exhibition worldwide. All works shall be credited.

Upon selection for screening, Liberty Media Productions shall reserve the right to use imagery from your film to promote it via all media platforms, in perpetuity.
All Film Submissions must adhere to OFRB PG Rating guidelines: Nudity, Coarse Language, Disturbing Content, Strong Violence, Hate speech or imagery, and Crude Content prohibited.

Liberty Media Productions is not responsible for any lost items and content submitted during the course of this festival.

Judges reserve the right to reject any film at their own discretion.
Liberty Media Productions will not provide any compensation for the production costs of your film.

All expenses are the responsibility of the creator(s).
The views and opinions expressed in your film do not reflect those of The Dyonne Lewis Show TV Workshop Film Festival or Liberty Media Productions or Liberty Studio.

Copyright: 2021The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival

There will be 9 The Dyonne Lewis Show Film Festival Laurel Award Winners. 3 First Place Winners, 3 Second Place Winners, and 3 Third Place winners selected--Monthly.

One Category: Best Autobiographical Short
Nine Winners

3 Winners for Best Autobiographical Short
3 Winners for First Runner Up Best Autobiographical Short
3 Winners for Second Runner Up Best Autobiographical Short

Bring your authentic voice. Reveal your truth. Make a digital impact. Be a guest on The Dyonne Lewis Show. Join host, managing-producer and film-festival founding-director, showrunner-writer, Dyonne at the festival office for a studio interview on "The Red Carpet." Toronto. To arrange a pre-interview Email: tv@dyonneelewis.com or visit DyonneLewis.com to fill out the guest form to your short fictional and/or non-fiction autobiographical digital storytelling project on The Dyonne Lewis Show.