"The Dragon" from TRUTH OR DARE

When we heard the news of a coming storm,
We were a thousand miles away.
We were headed home anyway.
Put the pedal to the metal,
Raced home to find you.

As we watched the news of the coming storm
We were still too far away.
So we drove faster anyway,
Put the pedal to the metal,
Raced home to get you.

They told us stay away,
Leave this place,
Get out now, run away,
But we had to race
Into the mouth of the dragon.
Into the mouth of the dragon.

When we brought the news of the coming storm
You told us you would stay
But we begged you anyway
Put the pedal to the metal,
We tried to move you.

They told us stay away,
Leave this place,
Get out now, run away,
But we had to race
Into the mouth of the dragon.
Into the mouth of the dragon.

The dragon, she's the fury
The dragon, she's the wind
The dragon, she's the tidal wave
That drowns the best of men.
The dragon, she's the unexpected
rage from Neptune's den.
She will crush you in her flight
Then she’ll tear you up again.

Then when the news of the coming storm
Finally hit home
And love won the day
We put the pedal to the metal.

They told us to get away,
Leave this place,
While you still can, run away,
Get away from the dragon.
Outrun the mouth of the dragon.
Outrun the mouth of the dragon.

  • Blind Phoenix
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Rebekkah Hilgraves
  • Chris Daniels
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Rock, Alternative, Soundtrack
  • Length:
    3 minutes 55 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 29, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Blind Phoenix is an American Roots / Indie rock band led by singer/songwriters Chris Daniels and Rebekkah Hilgraves.

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Artist Statement

Oriental, NC was among the towns hardest hit by Hurricane Florence. The weekend before it hit, Michael and Rebekkah had been in upstate New York for a music festival. As they drove back to North Carolina, a friend called to warn them about the dire weather that was coming in. Rebekkah's mother was still in Oriental, and by then had largely lost the use of her legs. To stay inland and leave her there was unthinkable, so they drove into the path of the hurricane to get her out and to higher ground. She was stubborn, and persuading her to leave was a special challenge. What finally convinced her was love.


Three years in the making. Stories of love, life, loss from an epic period in the lives of its makers.

TRUTH OR DARE is a story in the form of an album, taking the listener through finding love, running into a storm to rescue a loved one, the decline and passing of parents, and the beginning of new possibilities.

Truth or Dare encompasses several interwoven story arcs, with Hurricane Florence as the backdrop.

During this fateful time, Rebekkah met her partner, Michael. In an act of solidarity and support, mind-blowing so early in their relationship, Michael drove with Rebekkah into the path of Hurricane Florence to get her mother out of danger, and all three were chased upland with the storm on their heels.

Rebekkah had recently moved to coastal North Carolina to help her mother, following a botched surgery, and it turned out to be the last year of her mother's life. She passed away on Christmas morning of 2018.

Rebekkah lost her father to cancer less than a year later, and Chris lost his much-admired grandfather shortly thereafter. Threaded among these stories of loss are the love stories between Rebekkah and Michael, and between Chris and his wife, Kim.


There is a guitar you’ll hear through all of the tracks on the album. She, too, is a survivor of Hurricane Florence and the devastating flooding along coastal North Carolina. Chris tells her story:

“Six months after the storm, a neighbor, Dr. Dunn, came by my restaurant (Silos) and said he had some guitars that had been forgotten and left under the stairs (in the town of Oriental, many houses are on stilts). The guitars had been submerged in saltwater for weeks. Dr. Dunn, figuring they were ruined, said to hang them up in the restaurant as decoration, so I did.

“After a year of the guitars drying out on the wall, I wanted to see if I could fix any of them. It turns out that one of the guitars was a very special Fender Telecaster, a Johnny Greenwood setup. So I got together with a friend and took the guitar completely apart, sanded, sanded, and sanded some more, and found the beautiful natural wood underneath the lacquer and paint (the guitar had been pure black before it drowned). I located the exact electronics and pickups to go in it, assembled it all and plugged it in. WOW! What a great sound. I’ve played many styles of guitars throughout 30 years of playing and the tone of this guitar was incredible.

“When we had our first recording session in Asheville NC, I brought a 1990 Les Paul, 1964 Gibson SG, 1972 Fender Stratocaster, and the 1995 Fender Telecaster (of course I call her Florence), to record Truth or Dare. I used Florence for every song we recorded. The tone was just amazing -- there must be something about the saltwater that runs through the wood now. I don’t know but it just sounded great!”
released March 29, 2021

All songs recorded at White Horse Black Mountain / RadHaus.Studio, Black Mountain, NC, and Hollow Reed Studio, Asheville, NC.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
℗ 2021 RadHaus Studio Publishing (ASCAP, BMI)
Producer: Bob Hinkle
Executive Producer: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Studio engineers: Claire Hoke, Chris Rosser, Rebekkah Hilgraves, Lonnie Park
Mix engineer: Lonnie Park, with special thanks to Vanessa Silberman and Chris Rosser for getting us started.
Mastering engineers: Lonnie Park and Luis "LFF" Flores (audiophile edition)
Photography by Jessica Wharton-Vasquez
Cover and liner art by Marcus Archer and Rebekkah Hilgraves
Vocals, synths, lyrics, music: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Vocals, guitars, lyrics, music: Chris Daniels
Backing vocals: Rebekkah Hilgraves, Chris Daniels, Lonnie Park
Bass: Michael Filippone, Lonnie Park (“Harmony”)
Drums: James Kylen
Percussion: James Kylen, Lonnie Park
Piano: Chris Rosser (“The Dragon”, Lonnie Park)
Keyboards: Lonnie Park
Do No Harm:
- Alex Bradley, trumpet
- Justice Mann, trombone
- Ben Colvin, tenor sax
- Joseph Herbst, alto sax
- Joseph Herbst, horn arrangement
- Paul McIntire, violin
- Franklin Keel, cello
- Rebekkah Hilgraves, string and choral arrangement

(c) 2021 by Blind Phoenix. All rights reserved.