The Divine Heart

"DIVINE HEART" is an enlightening film that portrays the intricate process of heart transplant surgery. It provides a comprehensive depiction of the dedicated medical team led by Dr. Anvay Mulay, as well as the meticulous legal procedures involved in heart transplant surgeries and organ donation. The narrative revolves around Laxmi, a young girl who candidly shares her personal journey through pre and post-surgery stages of her heart and lung transplant, along with her subsequent lifestyle. This film serves as a powerful medium to convey a positive message, highlighting the hope for a new lease on life for individuals afflicted by end-stage heart failure.

  • Sushma Milind Kuvalekar
    A Place in the Sun (animated film - Maharashtra State award)
  • Dr. Anvay Mulay
    Key Cast
    "protagonist "
  • Lakshmi Anant Rokade
    Key Cast
  • Swadesh K. Pathak Nagraj Revankar Ravindra Singh Guram Mukesh Sharma L. M. Keni S. S. Chavan V. Sreenivas
    Key Cast
  • Sabiha Sharad More
    basicwoirds for a poem written for the doctors noble service
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    52 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    December 22, 2022
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    English, Hindi, Marathi
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Sushma Milind Kuvalekar

Name: Sushma Milind Kuvalekar
Address: Cosmos springs Atlanta 3/C, Ghodbunder
road Owale, Thane West
Date of Birth: 22/04/1967
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hindu
Contact No.: 9869272267
Email Address: sushmapurnima

A. Academic (Undergraduate level)
Institution: Model English School ( Dombivali )
Examination: SSC / 1982

B. Professional (Graduation level)
Institution: Sir J. J School of Arts, (Mumbai )
Examination: Bachelor in Fine Art [painting] 1987
Diploma in Art Education 1988.

Work experience
Since 1988 I joined Films Division in animation section as Artist, have assisted many cell animation films ,Key animation work
drawing work, Background work, shooting etc., also story boarding and Scripting for all my animation films mentioned below. Since digital, all kind of graphic designs like logo designs poster designs, E-Flyer designs, and Standee designs for our MIFF Film Festival since 1990 till 2022 is my work experience.

My Animation Film productions are as follows
1. The Trap ( AIDS ) 35mm 01.00 Min
2. A place in the Sun ( water pollution ) 35mm 10.00 Min
1997 State Award winner
3. Creation? ( Peace ) 35mm 06.00 Min
4. Swayamvar (Female Infanticide ) 35mm 05.00 Min
5. Zindagi +ve (HIV + Ve ) Digital 05.25 Min
6. All Life is Yoga Live action PSA film, made for International
yoga day in Digital 03.00 Min.
7. The live action documentary film on Heart Transplant
titled The Divine Heart completed in the year
Dec. 2022. 52.Min

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Director Statement


Director: Sushma M. Kuvalekar

"DIVINE HEART" is a deeply personal and heartfelt project, driven by the experiences of my late husband, Milind. His diagnosis of cardiomyopathy left us with no choice but to explore the world of heart transplantation, a realm we knew little about regarding its complexities and success rates.

Our journey took a fortuitous turn when we encountered Dr. Anvay Mulay, an esteemed Cardiothoracic Vascular surgeon renowned for his expertise in heart transplants. Under his care, Milind discovered a renewed sense of hope, and we witnessed the possibilities of recovery through innovative medical techniques.

Unfortunately, the unavailability of a suitable heart donor ultimately led to our loss. However, this film was born from our desire to provide authentic insights into the heart transplant process. Through the lens of Dr. Mulay's dedicated medical team, we explore surgical intricacies, share heart-touching patient experiences, and emphasize the critical importance of organ donation.

"DIVINE HEART" is not just a clinical exploration; it's a tapestry woven with human stories, resilience, and the generous act of organ donation. Dr. Anvay Mulay's pioneering work in heart transplant surgery and recovery techniques is showcased, offering a glimpse into his remarkable contributions to medicine.

As the director, I am honored to bring this story to life, hoping it educates and inspires, particularly for those facing similar medical challenges. Our aim is to shed light on the importance of organ donation, honoring Milind's memory by encouraging others to embrace this life-saving act.

Thank you for embarking on this journey of heart, healing, and humanity with us.


Sushma M. Kuvalekar
Director, "DIVINE HEART"